Girl Trashed Her 'Curvy' Barbie for Being Fat & Her Mom's Response Is Perfection

Allison Kimmey

Since becoming a mom, Allison Kimmey is focused on teaching her little girl something that she struggled most of her life to learn: how to love her body. At 5 years old, Cambelle has voiced questions about her mom's stretch marks and cellulite. So instead of avoiding the subject, this mom of two understands the power of her words and has worked hard to instill body positivity into her daughter from a young age. That's why she was so surprised when she recently found Cambelle's "curvy" Barbie doll in the trash can.


After discovering the discarded toy, Kimmey asked Cambelle why she threw a perfectly good doll away and shared their important conversation on Instagram. "Because I don't like her," the girl explained. "Her arms aren't right. Her legs are too big. She doesn't look like my other Barbies. And she doesn't fit into any of the clothes except this one outfit."

Kimmey -- a body-positive writer and advocate -- admits that Cambelle's answer left her speechless at first. The fact that her own daughter could hate a "curvy" doll and thought only the skinny ones were "normal" hit her hard. "I related to this inanimate object. It was as if curvy Barbie's life was a reflection of the way I felt for SO long being a plus size woman in a thin woman's world," she wrote. "I always felt like my arms weren't right, my legs were big, and anywhere I went, nothing fit. For a very long time I allowed those perceptions and the constricts of society make me feel as if I was the trash. Much like myself, Curvy Barbie is still living in a thin Barbie world."

Allison Kimmey

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So after collecting her thoughts, Kimmey asked Cambelle to imagine how Barbie feels ending up in the trash and unworthy of love just because her body is different. "I think she feels sad and crying," Cambelle said. "Because she has more fat. And it's okay to have fat."

Kimmey then reiterated to her daughter that just because some of the other clothing doesn't fit this doll doesn't mean that the Barbie's body is wrong or that she shouldn't be allowed to play with the other dolls. Cambelle ended up washing off curvy Barbie and finding her something to wear and Kimmey is proud that she chose to use this as a teachable moment instead of overlooking it.

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"Each time I am put in a position where I can ignore these early signs for body image issues and pass them off as 'oh she's just a kid playing with her Barbies, maybe she really just doesn't like this one, it doesn't REALLY matter,'" she wrote. "OR I can make a conscious effort to help her dissect how she's feeling, allow her to explain her discomfort, and give her a new loving perspective."

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