Anti-Vaxxer Mom Found Out Her Daughter Was Secretly Vaccinated & Is Beyond Furious


One of the most important jobs as a parent is to teach your kids. But as they get older, you can only hope that they've learned from you throughout the years and take your lessons with them into adulthood. Well, that didn't necessarily happen for one anti-vaxxer mom who feels like she was sucker-punched in the gut after finding out that her daughter was secretly vaccinated. Although her girl is 19 years old and made this decision on her own, her mom is more than just struggling to cope with the news. 

  • After finding out that her girl was vaccinated at a secret doctor's appointment, this mom ranted on Facebook.

    The anonymous woman flipped out, writing that although she knows her daughter is old enough to make her own decisions, it doesn't make it any easier to watch her make the wrong ones. The original rant was shared on Facebook in December 2017 but has since gone viral on Reddit, as people are appalled at how far this mom and her supporters go.

    In the thread, the mom explains that she saw paperwork showing her daughter recently got six vaccines, including the first Gardasil shot for HPV and another against meningococcal. The enraged mom even added that if her girl wants to go back to the doctor to get her last two doses of the HPV vaccine, she'll have to sneak behind her back. 

    "She made her own appointment. She never planned on telling me," she commented. "I just hope she feels comfortable coming to me if something bad happens."

    But given her extreme reaction that borderlines going into mourning, that's unlikely ...

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  • Others empathized with Mom over this "heartbreaking" revelation.

    "Yes, go to bed. You need rest to heal, even emotionally," one user commented.

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  • Naturally, she blames the doctor for "lying" to her daughter, but she refuses to give up on her.

  • But she still feels betrayed that her girl thinks a doctor knows more about the topic than her own mom.

    "She fell for it hook line and sinker," Mom added.

  • Now, the mom is going through the stages of grief -- and her daughter is pissed that she even found out ...

    One brave soul reminded Mom that it's important to respect her daughter's decisions.

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  • Others -- including Mom -- hope that she has a bad reaction to serve as a "wake-up call."

    "I feel bad but I don't want her doing this to her kids," the mom wrote. "She needs a wake-up call."

  • Let that sink in: The mom who is so worried about her daughter's health is actually rooting for her to have a problem.

    Even if you don't agree with the choices your adult kids make, you should never wish them ill ...

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