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  • Ami is now recovering from heart surgery to repair a heart defect that is common in babies with Down syndrome.

    Amber admits that as a mom, she's dealing with guilt while feeling like she's carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. And online trolls are making it even harder for her as she tries to raise awareness for her newborn:

    "Many have called my daughter sick, or have asked whats wrong with her and as hard as I try, I've come to the understanding that some just don't and won't receive her diagnosis the way we do. And that's hard. You want everyone to accept your child and love on your child and that's just not the way it is. She is just like all my kids; every single one of my kids have 'special needs' in a way to me -- like more help with math or reading, or more discipline -- but they also ALL do need love and acceptance. 

    "Kids with the diagnosis of Down syndrome just want to be looked at and treated just like everyone one else and they deserve that right. I will always do my part and share and educate those who are open to learn and go on this journey along with us as we all start to see things from a different perspective."

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