New Dad Captures His Baby's Rare 'Bubble' Birth & the Photos Are Mesmerizing

En caul birth

When Annabelle Burow was born on February 21, her delivery left her dad, Nathan, speechless. And not just because he was thrilled to meet his first baby girl -- but also because the way she was born was a "1 in 80,000 moment" that nobody was expecting. 

  • During Annabelle's birth, mom Rachael didn't know there was anything unusual going on.

    This was Rachael's second baby and she expected the scheduled C-section to go like it did during her son's birth. However Annabelle was born en caul, meaning that her amniotic sac didn't break until after she was born. When doctors made the C-section incision, Annabelle's amniotic sac didn't rupture. As she was born, her head was still encased in a protective bubble during her first moments in the outside world. Despite this special occurrence, Rachael didn't know about her girl's incredibly rare delivery until she saw photos after.

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  • Naturally, Dad started to freak out when he saw a giant "bubble" emerging.

    Rachael tells CafeMom that her husband was definitely a little freaked out when he first saw Annabelle making her way out of the womb. "After being assured by the nurses that everything was okay, he started taking photos," she says. "I owe it to him for capturing those special moments as I could not see it happening!" 

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  • Nathan was luckily ready with his professional camera and started snapping away.

    "When I first saw the bubble I was just confused. This didn't look anything like our son did 17 months earlier. Then I made out her face and got scared for a moment. I thought, 'This isn't right! I've never seen this,'" Nathan told Love What Matters. "I immediately looked at the nurse for reassurance. She said, 'Quick, take a picture, you don't want to miss this.' The lack of worry in her expression leveled me out, and without even knowing what I was looking at, I snapped some shots. I didn't know it was going to be a 1 in 80,000 moment."

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  • Annabelle's rare grand entrance made her parents step back and appreciate the miracle of birth itself.

    Rachael shared on Instagram that after the birth of a child, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new baby without appreciating just how amazing birth itself is. "We are completely in awe and I can tell you nothing -- no moment can top hearing my babies cry for the first time, no moment can top the first time they were placed in my arms," she wrote. "Babies are such a blessing, such a gift and forever a miracle."

    And most importantly, Rachael wants parents to remember that it doesn't matter how little ones come into the world -- every birth is incredible.

    "This was my second C-section so it wasn't something I was expecting to see! I think this is cool because it just goes to show that no matter how you deliver, vaginal or C-section, you get a beautiful baby either way!" she told Love What Matters.

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