Kids' Book Parody Calls Out All the Sh*t Husbands Don't Do & It Has Moms Howling

That's Not My Husband book
Mum Of Five Staying Sane/Facebook

If you are the parent of a small child, chances are you've read one of the That's Not My... books nearly a thousand times. The diverse collection of Usborne "touchy-feely" board books includes a wide range of people, animals, and objects, from puppies to pirates. But there's one major thing missing, and a tired new mom is calling it out: husbands. 

  • "OMG! That's Not My Husband" is a parody of the classic children's book series and is really a gift for Mom.

    "I know there are husbands out there who do a lot to help out but I can definitely say this book rings true for me! 😂😂," mom Gabriella shared on her Facebook page, Mum of Five Staying Sane, after coming across Kasey Edwards's hysterical twist on the classic story.

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  • The book was originally a joke between the author and her husband after having their first baby.

    "It started out as a joke between Chris and me one night as we lay on the couch, exhausted from all the sleepless nights and stressed-out days from looking after our new daughter Violet," author Edwards wrote on her website. "They are a humorous look at common issues new mothers face, such as the inequality of domestic work and childcare and the embarrassment we can feel when our children behave like, well, children."

  • It calls out dads who don't pitch in around the house, and moms online can seriously relate.

    The book pokes fun at men who don't help new moms with housework after bringing a new baby home, and it's resonating among women who are cracking up at their husbands' expense. "Amazing how many women relate to this..." one dad commented on Facebook. "Come on guys, you're giving us lads who do all that a bad name."

  • The pages have gone viral as women tag their mom friends who need a good laugh or their partners with a sense of humor.

    "This is SO my partner. I can get up in the morning, feed the baby, dress the baby, brush baby's teeth, pack baby's bag, do all these for myself and still be in the car ready to go before my partner despite the fact that he's been out of bed for 2 hrs and only has himself to be think about!" one mom wrote.

    However, other moms are also giving shout-outs to the men in their lives who don't fit the "lazy dad" stereotype. "I’m one of the lucky ones!! My hubby does all of those things !! I think I'm more like the husband in those books.... 😢" one woman wrote.

    "I must have the perfect husband, he does all the above including texting from the pub!" another added.

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  • But it's the last page that really has moms howling.

    This sounds about right to many wives ...

  • And not even baby is safe: Edwards also has a child edition.

    "That's not my child ... she's sleeping ..." one of the pages reads. 

  • However, not all guys are seeing the humor in the books, and some are calling it sexist.

    "Is there a 'that's not my wife' edition or is that still dangerous territory at the moment?" another added.

  • But at least some dads can get in on the fun!

    Many think this is the perfect baby shower gift or addition to a little one's book collection -- for parents who could use a laugh!

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