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  • Unsurprisingly, the ad has made its way around the Internet, and it has parents feeling all sorts of ways.

    Sure, the sex talk can be awkward, but paying the equivalent of a semester of community college to have someone take over "the talk" for you? It kind of seems like a waste of money.

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  • Some, of course, made jokes about why the parents weren't willing to give "the talk" themselves.

    I mean, it would save them over $3,000.

  • Some wondered if it was a joke.

    Who pays a stranger for that?

  • And others don't really care who does the talking -- they just think the kids are too young for the conversation.

    But Michelle Moreau, a child and family therapist in Saint John, actually told Today's Parent in a 2016 interview that ages 6–9 are the best time to talk about sex with kids. "This is the perfect window of opportunity to talk, since kids are better able to understand concepts, but they're not old enough to be super embarrassed," she explained.

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  • Despite the weirdness of hiring a sex ed teacher, these parents are actually doing a good thing.

    Misinformation about sex is rampant when kids are young, and that can have serious consequences. Studies show kids who have comprehensive sex education are less likely to have unplanned pregnancies and more likely to practice safe sex. Plus, these parents have a clear interest in raising open-minded kids who understand consent and have respect for different sexual and gender orientations.

  • Still, it doesn't bode well that they're so grossed out by the sex talk that they can't even handle doing it themselves.

    Even though it's awkward as hell to tell your kids what happens during sex and watch them realize, "Holy crap, my parents did that," part of the reason we do it is so our kids know they can come to us when they have questions. After all, the sex talk isn't a one-time thing, and being a parent means getting past our own squeamishness so we can be there for our kids.

    Puberty is a long, strange time in a kid's life, and kids need a trustworthy adult they can turn to all the time, not just when the hired help happens to be there for a lesson.

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