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  • After recording her naughty toddler, Birdy played this video back and was shocked at what she heard.

    The mom from Australia believes she captured a spirit whispering, "Hunt her," at the end of the clip. Although the TV is on with the volume audible in the background, she thinks she hears something chilling and unrelated to the background noise.

    "I noticed the whisper the first time I heard it, after sending it to my mom in a message on Facebook," she tells CafeMom. "I'd only started recording in the first place to answer her question when she asked if my son's behavior had improved, as he'd been somewhat out of control for the past week or so prior. I listened to it about six times in a row because, for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what might have made that awful sound."

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    But after analyzing it further, and sending it to friends for their input, Birdy decided to share it on Facebook to see if others had the same initial reaction that she did. "Part of me was expecting some explanation that would end my confusion but instead I was blown away to see thousands of other women on this group left just as creeped out as me," she says. "Yes, most people put it down to 'hunt her' or 'hurt her.' Others implied that whatever made the sound was responsible for my son's behavior lately or that something was attached to him, or that it was encouraging him to hunt or hurt me, his mother."  

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  • Many people had a strong reaction to the clip on Facebook.

    "The video left viewers with goose bumps and many said they were brought to tears after watching it for no apparent reason, along with others who claimed things started moving in their own home shortly after viewing the video," Ash says.

  • Those who can hear it were completely creeped out by the voice.

    "I heard it! Gave me goose bumps, man!" another user wrote.

  • Some also wonder if a new addition to their home could be what's causing the paranormal activity.

  • Birdy recently moved an antique vault into her home -- and some suspect a spirit came with it.

    Ash Birdy

    Birdy says that she couldn't say if the exact day the vault turned up was when her little one started misbehaving -- but it did all happen around the same time. "A couple of weeks back, we were given an old massive vault safe from an aged-care hospital," Birdy says. "Some people made theories about that being connected."

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    She even took a second video in the same area an hour later. This time, it recorded glitches at the 10-second and 15-second marks. This supports her ghost theory because many paranormal investigators believe that paranormal activity can feed off of and use electrical energy, which can cause problems for whatever device is target.

  • Birdy plans to sage the house -- but only once she stops freaking out.

    Birdy shared on Facebook that she immediately bought sage but is just waiting to be in the right mindset before trying to clear her home of an unwanted spirits. "I can cleanse this place but I gotta do it right," she wrote. "The energy here's been chaotic, it needs serious clearing so I can't do a half-assed effort while I'm flustered etc."