Poop Toys Are the Trendy Must-Haves This Season Because, Toddlers


As soon as you become a parent, any squeamishness you had toward poop tends to fly out the window pretty quickly. If you're not dealing with diaper explosions, you're trying to keep your toddler from making artwork with it. Poop is messy, stinky, gross -- and apparently, really freaking popular in the toy world these days. Toy companies are coming out with sh*t-themed games left and right, and it may seem super weird to us, but the kids are all for it. 

  • It all started with the poop emoji.

    Kids have always been into gross stuff -- just take a look at the Garbage Pail Kids -- but the popularity of the poop emoji has taken things to an entirely new level. The resulting demand for adorably gross poop-themed toys from kids all over the world has all but forced toy makers to roll out a plethora games, plushies, and collectibles that any sh*t-obsessed little one would be dying to get his or her hands on. 

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  • Toy giant Mattel is getting in on the action with a game beautifully named Flushing Frenzy.

    The game pretty much forces kids to plunge a giant turd stuck inside of a miniature toilet for coins. It's hilarious, ridiculous, and really damn fun by the looks of it.

  • One of Hasbro's newest games turns poop on the ground into the new "the floor is lava."

    Don't Step In It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The "poop" on the green mat is some sort of play-putty -- you know, for the most realistic effect possible -- that you have to dodge while blindfolded.

    Unsurprisingly, people are obsessed with it, saying that the game is perfect for anyone who "loves fart and poop jokes" -- which, let's face it, is all of us.

  • Poopeez show kids that "it's cool to be number two."

    These little guys aren't necessarily a game, but they are surprisingly adorable -- they're tiny little collectibles that can be bought on Amazon for under $10. They have ones that look like toilet paper, vomit, and "silent but deadly farts," in addition to the "traditional" turd. If your kid collects all 36 of them, he or she probably becomes mayor of Pooplandia or something.

  • And because you can't talk about poop without throwing in a fart or two, we have Pull My Finger.

    The game is pretty simple -- you spin the wheel, pull the monkey's finger, and wait for it to fart. Whoever succeeds in making the monkey pass gas loses the game. 

    For double the fun, the monkey comes with two inflatable butts. Beware, though: If you're looking for super realistic fart sounds, this game isn't for you. The only real complaint people have about this one is that the farts sound a little "too mechanical." Guess you can't please everybody. 

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  • Poop is gross, we totally get it. But it's also a huge part of life as a parent, so we should probably embrace it.

      When you stick a cute little smiley face on a steaming pile of sh*t, it's only natural that kids become obsessed with it. We're not sure how long this turd trend is going to last, but we're definitely here for it.

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