This Mom's Epic DIY Birthday Cake for Her Twins Has People Seeing Double

Twin cake smash
Lara Mason/Facebook

Setting up a cake smash in honor of a little one's birthday and documenting the buttercream aftermath has become a popular trend for parents. With custom tutu outfits and personalized banners marketed toward this special occasion, sitting on the floor while going into an icing-filled frenzy has become a rite of passage for little ones and an insanely adorable way to celebrate their birthday. But one mom from England came up with a serious twist for her twins' first birthday festivities. 

  • As a former professional baker, Lara Mason wanted to take her twins' cake smash to the next level.

    Matching cakes, outfits, and a Pinterest-worthy backdrop wouldn't be enough for Lily and Lyla's big buttercream moment. "Under a bit of pressure with the girls' first birthday Cake/Cake Smash ... So I decided to do what any other slightly bonkers person would do and combine the two!" she wrote on Facebook.

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  • She came up with a twist on the traditional first cake idea: cake doppelgängers getting in on the smash!

    Although this might look like quadruplets enjoying their cake smash, it's actually the twins tasting buttercream next to cake versions of themselves also getting in on the fun. 

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  • The talented mom created life-size cake replicas of her girls complete with their own smashed cakes.

    "Totally get this won't be everyone's cup of tea, but not a lot of other people do this crazy thing that I do so I thought to myself ... Why not?!" she wrote. "I mean, what other kids get to say that their mom made them life-size cakes of themselves for their 1st birthday!?"

  • Both of her little ones are already adorable enough to pass as dolls.

  • And their cake versions are making people across the Internet do double takes.

    Although many assumed that this was a picture of quads, Mason is still critical of her own work. "Not exactly as I would have liked them, mad rush on to get them done before the big day, and little Lyla getting poorly didn't help!" she wrote.

  • The insanely realistic cakes took Mason over 100 hours to complete.

    Over the course of a week, the talented mom spent "about 100 to 120 hours" sculpting her girls' likeness out of cake and fondant. She explained to The Motherload that in addition to the sheer amount of time, the cakes also required a ton of ingredients, including 44 eggs, nearly nine pounds of buttercream, over six pounds of fondant, and 22 six-inch cake rounds.

  • Lyla and Lily's hair was the hardest part for Mom to replicate.

    "The hair is made out of pulled sugar so I had to make every individual strand separately," she told The Motherload. "It's the most critical I have ever been while making 'cake people' because I feel like I did such a good job making them so cute in the first place!"

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  • Even though her girls were free to destroy the masterpieces, it was totally worth it for the incredible photos!

    Good luck topping this next year! 

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