Dad's 'Trick' to Remove Macaroni Stuck in His Kid's Nose Is Gross -- but Pure Genius

Katie Aultman/Facebook

It's a sad fact of life: Small kids love sticking random sh*t up their noses. We can try to hide all the small objects, we can keep our eyes on them every second, but sooner or later, every toddler comes across a tiny trinket and gets the urge to see what it will feel like lodged into their nasal passages. In the case of one little boy, it was a piece of every toddler's staple food, macaroni, that he decided to send on a one-way trip to Booger Town. And a video showing the clever (and slightly disgusting) way his quick-thinking dad got the noodle out of his kid's nose is going viral.

  • Mom Katie Aultman shared the video of her husband, Josh, on mission: macaroni removal.

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    After their son, Jayce, shoved the noodle up his nose, Aultman instructed her husband to remove it via extreme air pressure. In the video, the dad inspects his son's nostril before placing his own mouth against Jayce's and blowing, like he's giving the kid CPR.

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  • With one quick burst of air, the noodle comes shooting out of Jayce's nose.

    But that's not the only thing that comes out. The dad immediately starts gagging and wiping his cheek with a tissue because -- surprise, surprise -- the kid also shot out a bunch of boogers.

  • It's actually kind of amazing -- if you can get past the enormous ick factor.

    You thought the NoseFrida was bad? Try macaroni mouth-to-mouth.

  • Since it was posted, the video has been shared over 140,000 times, and parents can't get enough.

    Some kids stick things up their noses a LOT, and this certainly beats heading to the doctor that many times. One person even tagged her grown daughter and wrote, "If this video had been around for you, MISS LEGO ... I would've saved myself a lot of money."

  • Some people even started sharing the random objects their own children have stuck up their noses.

    Believe it or not, the method the dad used to get macaroni out of his kid's nose really is proven to work. Cleveland Clinic calls it the "Mother's Kiss" (or in this case, the father's kiss, because we're about equality, right?), and they say it works best with small, hard objects that get lodged in kids' nostrils. To do it, you simply place your mouth over your kid's mouth, just like this dad did, and then you hold the unblocked nostril closed and gently blow air.

    They claim the method works about 60 percent of the time, though they caution that you should call a doctor if the object doesn't come out on the first try. In this case, it did, and the parents of the Internet are endlessly grateful (if not a little grossed out) to have this new tool in our arsenal.

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