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  • As a nurse, Houben knows there are "worse things," but she still wants plastic surgery and hopes people will donate.

    At 40, Houben thinks it's finally time to put herself first and make some changes. "My mental health, my body and my lifestyle will benefit from this change. I will exercise more without the fear of my belly popping out the bottom of my shirt. I will feel lighter, I will appear better in the mirror, I will not have lower back issues, I will fit better into clothing without having to tuck the excess skin into my jeans and wear a long shirt to cover it," she wrote. "This all wears a girl down. So please, give a girl some support to reaching her goal. Help someone who has actually suffered from real life challenges. Help a girl feel better about herself as a whole." 

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  • Many relate to what she's going through, which is why this post makes them want to roll their eyes.

    "[I] have battled depression and post natal. I hate the way I look. But hell, I'm gonna fight it with exercise and eating right. A tummy tuck is not the answer to mental illness," one user wrote. "My question is, how hard has this lady tried."

  • Other women don't have a problem with her wanting a tummy tuck -- just that she wants a free one paid for by them.

    "Oh please, really? What, you think you're the only one who would like to look good and feel better about the way you look?" one woman commented.

    "Mother of 4 here too, where's my tummy tuck," another mom wrote. "Pretty sure there are many women out there who want one but aren't going to create a GoFundMe page to get it."

  • But some think she needs a total reality check instead of asking for a free mommy makeover.

    "Umm get a loan and pay for it yourself," one person wrote. "You're not the only person who has had kids and needs surgery ... I can't believe the nerve, so rude."

    "I understand wanting a tummy tuck after having 4 kids and you want to look and feel good about yourself but there are more important things to set up a GoFundMe account for, like the victims of a home fire, a natural disaster, a burial, and various other things," another user wrote.

    "Seriously you have kids, concentrate on them. Get help with your mental illness as getting a tummy tuck will not alter your illness," someone else commented. "Life's too short, there are more important things in life than looking perfect."

  • However, many rallied around this mom and showed her warm support.

  • They not only shut down haters, but were also vocal about being proud to donate to a fellow mom.

  • Because they understand firsthand how hard motherhood can be and the importance of being there for one another.

    "I wish I had her courage to ask for financial help..." one mom wrote. "Everyone has the ability to put it out there and ask .... please don't make negative and hateful comments about her .... it's probably the reason I'm too ashamed/embarrassed to ask for help." 

  • So many fellow moms are choosing to applaud her, whether they decide to donate or not.

    Because at the end of the day, moms shouldn't feel ashamed for putting their needs out there and at least asking for help. 

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