Mom Told She Was in 'False Labor' Gives Birth at Home 11 Weeks Early


False labor  -- or Braxton-Hicks contractions -- is a common occurrence among pregnant women. Although experiencing them can sound the alarms and make you think it's baby time, they usually pass with time and aren't dangerous. After being told that she was experiencing "false labor," one mom soon realized that it was the real deal after delivering her baby 11 weeks early


When the contractions first started, Zakeria Richardson-Flory was told that it was just false labor, and this went on for three days before the unthinkable happened. The Pennsylvania mom and her husband John were at home when she realized that she was actually about to give birth to her son, even though it was 11 weeks before her due date. 

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Having gone through labor three times before, Zakeria handled the situation as best as she could as things started moving quickly. She immediately realized they had no time to make it to the hospital, so she mentally prepared for an emergency home delivery. As she was giving birth prematurely, the brave mom instructed her husband to contact 911 for advice on what to do next. "I was on the phone with an emergency dispatcher," John told KDKA."/He's trying to talk us through everything. Before I could say anything else, we're holding him in our arms."

According to John, the dispatcher gave them very clear instructions to ensure the safety of their newborn. "Make sure the umbilical cord isn't wrapped around his neck. Get him wrapped up in some clean blankets," he recalled.

Luckily, the baby, whom the couple named Jahkiye, seemed to be faring well. "He came out. He was breathing on his own. He was crying. His heart was strong," Zakeria said.


After arriving at the hospital, the parents learned that their son weighed only three pounds, one ounce, and was 15 inches long. 

John told KDKA that their family was just as shocked as they were to learn that Zakeria had already given birth. "About 10, 15 minutes later, everyone started showing up," he said. "They expected her to be in labor, and they're even surprised themselves because they see us holding a little baby boy."

With the knowledge that their son was safe, the couple took a moment to reflect on the exciting events of their son's birth. When a correspondent from KDKA asked them if they felt panicked during Jahkiye's birth, Zakeria replied, "It happened too fast for us to panic or do anything."


False labor pains are described as a "tightening" in the abdomen that comes and goes. They may also feel like a more mild version of menstrual cramps. The uterine contractions are your body's attempt to help prepare for the "real thing." While they are uncomfortable, they do not pose a risk to mom or baby. The pains are most likely to occur during the third trimester but have been known to occur in the second. Usually they will pass easily and do not require medical intervention, but, as always, it is important to consult your physician if you feel like something is wrong. 

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After being treated for jaundice with a special lamp, little Jahkiye is doing well. His parents said he is steadily gaining weight and no longer needs a breathing tube. Although they did share that he won't be able to go home for a few more weeks, everyone expects him to recover beautifully. 

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