'Six-Pack Mom' Sarah Stage Reveals a Dog 'Aggressively' Attacked Her Toddler's Face

Sarah Stage

Many know Sarah Stage as the "six-pack mom" made famous for her toned baby bumps. But despite being a model from California with a robust Instagram following, this mom of two revealed that her life isn't as perfect as it may seem. After a dog attacked her toddler, she recently admitted to going through the hardest week as a parent so far. 


Stage shared on Instagram that a dog recently mauled 2-year-old James, and the terrifying ordeal has left her reeling. "The dog was triggered by James eating a snack and started to aggressively bite his face," she wrote. "Luckily I was able to pry the dog off of James before the dog got to James' eye."

Sarah Stage

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On top of the trauma from the attack, poor James caught the flu, and his baby brother, Logan, came down with a cold. Needless to say, Stage feels like she hasn't been able to catch a break this week, but she's still powering through for her little guys. "Despite the challenges us moms face, I'm convinced that we are superhuman and can overcome anything..." she wrote.

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And instead of holding on to any negativity after the dog pounced on James, Stage is opting to focus on how grateful her family is, as she understands that things could have turned out much worse. "When the dr told me how lucky we were that James didn't lose his vision in his eye it put so much into perspective," she wrote. "We all have bad days and it's how we overcome them that help us grow strength for ourselves and for our family."

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