Furious Mom Says Her Ex Cut Off Their Girl's Hair Because She Got Highlights

Christin Johnson/Facebook

An Ohio mother is absolutely furious after finding out that her ex-husband allegedly chopped their teenager's hair off due to his disapproval of her getting highlights. Now, in the aftermath of the incident, the father is facing some harsh consequences for his actions, while the girl's mother is fighting to ensure that something like this never happens to her daughter again

  • Thirteen-year-old Kelsey told her mother, Christin Johnson, that she wanted to celebrate her birthday by doing something special.

    Johnson agreed to let her daughter get highlights to commemorate her first day as a teenager. In a photo the mother posted after her salon appointment, Kelsey looked happy about the new changes to her hair. 

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  • Unfortunately, that happiness didn't last long.

    A few days later, Johnson went to go pick her daughter up from her father's home and saw that all of the girl's hair had been chopped off. 

  • Johnson claims the girl's father and stepmother cut Kelsey's hair because they didn't approve of her highlights.

    In response, Johnson, who presumably shares custody of her daughter with the girl's father, created two fund-raiser campaigns hoping to raise money to fight their custody agreement. Both the Facebook fund-raiser and the YouCaring campaign seem to have been taken down by their respective staffs. Johnson has not shared the reasoning behind the campaign deletions but did state that Facebook gave everyone who donated a full refund.

  • Additionally, Kelsey's godmother, Haylee, took her to another salon appointment.

    There, the staff outfitted Kelsey with a wig that, Johnson says, helped her regain a lot of confidence. The mother thanked the staff for making the teenager "feel more like herself." 

  • Kelsey's father and stepmother are now facing serious consequences.

    The duo reportedly work as firefighters at the Middleton Township Fire Department in Middleton Township, Ohio. WTOL reports that officials are choosing not to release their names to the public but did confirm that both of them have been suspended.

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    WTOL also confirmed that the events are being investigated by Wood County Job and Family Services. As for the status of that investigation, Haskins Police Chief Colby Carroll says that it is still in its early stages.

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