This Video of a 'Kid-Friendly' App Threatening to Stab a 4-Year-Old Is Seriously Horrifying

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Kebz Lisle/Facebook

When Donna Lisle's little girl was ready for school early, this mom of two suggested that they download a game on her tablet. Since her 4-year-old happens to love the Nick Jr. show Blaze and the Monster Machines, the pair scrolled through related apps and downloaded a few within her age range. A few minutes later, Lisle stepped into the other room to finish getting her girl's things ready for school and was shocked by what she heard coming from the other room: a demonic voice threatening to cut her daughter.

  • Lisle shared the video on her Facebook with a warning that it's "no joke."

    And she isn't lying -- once you hear what was being spewed while marketed for kids, your jaw will drop. 

    Her video captures the app literally threatening to stab children in a seriously creepy voice. "Hi kids, I'm your new friend! You see, I want to play with you, kiddo. Maybe we could perform some fun games together," says an eerie voice. "You look afraid, is it this knife in my hands? Making you a little nervous? This knife is going to improve your look when it's sticking right out of you." 

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  • The unofficial app is based on the beloved Nickelodeon show and was listed as appropriate for 3-year-olds.

    Some criticized the mom for "not watching" her daughter, but it wasn't like Lisle's daughter got ahold of her tablet alone and secretly downloaded this game. Lisle explained that it was actually her idea and they downloaded it together because it seemed safe. Lisle wrote, "This app looks completely harmless and has a PEGI rating of 3, meaning it's suitable for children! So attack me all you like, but I'm posting this even though I knew I would get crap from you perfect parents just so I could protect other children, if that makes me a bad person ... well I actually don't give a damn!"

    PEGI is the European video game content rating system used to ensure that games are "clearly labelled for the age group for which they are most suitable." Since her post has gone viral, other parents have shared their horror in finding their kids playing with this app and thanked her for spreading awareness. According to Lisle, Apple hasn't responded to her complaints about the app, but Google told her they would "look into it" after removing it from Google Play.

    "Google, you should be bloody ashamed of yourself. The amount of money you've got and you don't screen for children?" Lisle said in a separate rant on YouTube. "My child has just had some kind of monster turn around and say it was going to have a knife sticking out of her ... if I find the developer personally, I will string him up by his testicles."

  • Lisle also found other inappropriate apps disguised as Elsa, Shrek, SpongeBob, LOL Surprise Dolls, Santa, and many others.

    Many of these similar apps have been removed from Apple's and Google's app stores since Lisle created an online petition calling them out. Even though some online users have blamed Lisle for allowing her child to play with a tablet, this outraged mom is ignoring the backlash. "The thought of it happening to anybody else's child was almost as horrifying as my daughter seeing it again," she tells CafeMom. "I feel like a good mother protects all children, not just her own." 

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  • There are still other apps like this out there that haven't been found yet, and that's why Lisle is warning parents.

    "Parents, please I’m begging you, even if it comes from Nickelodeon, it doesn't matter, check the app, just double check it," she said. "These are your children, you can't replace your children or go back and change your children's childhood. Once they've heard or they’ve seen these things that's it. They are in their head. You can't get rid of it."

  • And even if you have a parental control app, Lisle warns that they can still slip through.

    This fake "Call for Bendy" is marked in the Apple store as suitable for ages 4 and up, despite the fact that it features "scary sounds" with a killer theme. Lisle wants parents to understand that she had a parental control app but these discrepancies in age ratings are how her daughter was able to download it. 

    A spokesman for Google told HuffPost UK, "We have a set of policies designed to provide a great experience for users and developers and we act quickly to remove apps from Google Play that violate those policies.”

    According to the Sun, a Nickelodeon representative also gave a statement in regards to the controversy, saying, "We were alerted to the illicit 'Blaze and the Monsters Machines' app yesterday along with a range of other content from the same individual. The safety of kids and families are of paramount importance to us. Nickelodeon worked as a matter of urgency with Google Play to have all the illegal apps removed. They removed all of the offending content immediately yesterday afternoon."