This Dad Just Asked the 1 Question We've Always Had About 'Paw Patrol'

Paw Patrol/Nickelodeon

Paw Patrol/Nickelodeon

If you have kids in the preschool age range, you've definitely seen an episode (or 40) of Paw Patrol. The show is about an elite squad of adorable dogs who basically serve as emergency services for the fictional town of Adventure Bay. On the surface, it's a cute concept. There's Marshall the fire dog, Chase the police dog, Rubble the bulldog/construction worker, and four other pups with important jobs. But when you think about the plot a little harder, you start to wonder: Why the hell doesn't this town have any functional emergency services?

  • That's basically what Guardian reporter Martin Belam was wondering when he asked Twitter, who is bankrolling Adventure Bay?

    "Why are they investing billions in ridiculous equipment for small dogs to operate, instead of funding proper emergency services?" he wrote.

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    Belam probably wasn't expecting the tweet to go viral, but it didn't take long for parents all over the social media platform to chime in and say, "Yeah! What the hell, Nick Jr.?"

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  • Before long, people were sharing their wildest Paw Patrol conspiracy theories, like this person who thinks Elon Musk is running the show.

    You never know. Skye's helicopter could be made by Tesla. It makes as much sense as anything else on that show does.

  • Another person theorized that Ryder, the dogs' human "leader," is actually an insanely wealthy Bruce Wayne type.

    Bats are a weird mascot. If we're willing to accept Batman, why not Ryder and his pups?

  • A few of the fan theories were super dark.

    Apparently the town relies on dogs for help because a terrible accident wiped out everyone else. That might be a little far-fetched, but the part about Chickaletta makes complete sense. I've always wondered why Mayor Goodway is so obsessed with that damn chicken.

  • But others pointed to the Chickaletta insanity as proof that there's no place for tough questions in Adventure Bay.

    Seriously, the chicken is in the mayor's purse like, 75 percent of the time. That's not a sign that things are on the up and up in this town.

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  • And at least one person seemed pretty sure that Ryder is neglected and the dogs can only talk because of strange and unexplained sorcery.

    If the cats and other animals could talk, would they get jobs as police pets and fire rescue animals too?

  • As parents, we're used to suspending reality for a few minutes so we can "enjoy" our kids' favorite shows.

    Paw Patrol/Nickolodeon

    But it's nice to know that when we're sitting there watching the Paw Patrol pups save sea turtles, random kids, and sometimes even the mayor, we aren't the only ones wondering why these people can't call anyone for help except a bunch of f*cking puppies.