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  • In a video on her Facebook page, Juggling the Jenkins, Tiffany Jenkins uses her toddler to show how kids are nothing like dogs.

    The mom puts her little girl through a series of common scenarios most dog owners find themselves in on a day-to-day basis. The resulting footage serves as the perfect amount of vindication for annoyed kid moms. 

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  • For one, kids can't just be placed in a crate when you need to run out of the house for a little bit.

    "Alright, baby. Mommy's running out to the store, I'll be right back," she says over footage of her little girl tucked calmly under a makeshift cage. Jenkins doesn't have to go through the trouble of wrangling her kid into a car seat and carting her around the store for hours. That actually sounds pretty damn blissful. 

  • Potty training is a completely different experience.

    Instead of using diapers, cleaning up poop accidents all over the house, and struggling to get her kid on the potty, Jenkins just sends the little girl outside. "That's a good girl," she coos. "Go potty, baby." 

    She's essentially telling dog owners, "Come at me when your dog starts smearing his poop all over his own body, bro." 

  • Don't even get her started on the differences that come along with feeding the two.

    Have you ever met a dog who was a picky eater? Ever met a toddler who wasn't one? With her "dog baby," Jenkins fills a plate with a bit of dry "kibble" and puts it on the floor. The little one comes and gobbles it up happily. No complaining, no tears, no giant mess to clean up. 

    Feeding the living, breathing vacuum cleaner that is a dog has absolutely nothing on tricking your kids into eating vegetables so they don't get scurvy.

  • With over 200,000 views and over 4,000 shares in only a couple of days, the video gathered a lot of attention.

    A lot of people really loved it. 

  • Even those who insisted that dog moms and "real" moms are similar found the funny in it.

    "Clever as all get-out," one commenter wrote. It's impossible NOT to see the difference between kids and dogs.

  • Others weren't so happy with Jenkins's "video proof."

    Some shared that those who have no interest in children -- or can't have them -- treat their dogs like human kids, so that automatically makes them the same. "Get over it," said one person.

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  • Plenty were pretty adamant that raising pets is just as taxing as raising kids.

    But Jenkins wasn't saying dog owners can't love or take care of their dogs or even refer to themselves as "parents." She was just trying to say that false equivalencies of the experience of having kids and raising pets are ridiculous -- which they totally are, by the way.

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