'Shitten Mittens' Are Here to Save New Parents From Massive Diaper Blowouts


Moms and dads aren't fully inducted into the new parent club until their darling little one has a massive blowout. After the shock that something so small could produce something so big subsides, they are left with trying to clean up the mess without ending up covered in it themselves. That's where Shittens come in: disposable mitten-shaped moist wipes to protect parents from those explosive diapers.

  • Shittens are the answer to new parents' blowout diaper struggles.

    These mitten wipes are seriously genius (and hysterical). They will safeguard Mom or Dad's hands from the serious poo-nami, allowing them to contain the mess instead of spreading it. "If there's one great universal truth that we can all agree on, it's this: No one wants poop on their hands," the company's website says. "How many times have you taken one of those substandard wet wipes to the posterior of a child, risking major contamination from that flailing poop cloth?"

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  • Many parents know the extent of a blowout and are completely sold.

    Whether you want these magical mittens for your baby, your pet, or even yourself, you can order packs of 20 on Amazon when they aren't sold out. "While old fashioned, square wet wipes put your hands at risk for all kinds of accidental fecal contamination, the genius mitten shape of a Shitten provides not only safety from poop, but on a larger scale, emotional peace of mind," the product description says.

    Of course, Amazon users left reviews with their opinions on these disposable wipes.

  • Needless to say, they make for the perfect baby shower gift.

    "This was a fun yet practical gift for my 'new father' son," a new grandparent wrote.

    One user shared that after his buddy was gifted a pack of these, he now swears that he'll never go back to regular baby wipes.

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  • They also make some pretty amazing gag gifts.

    Some parents pranked their kids by putting them in their Christmas stockings while others wrapped them up for white elephant exchanges and secret Santas. "I would have paid double had I known the reaction I would have received when the unsuspecting victim opened this!" one user wrote. "I just wonder if they actually used it! I mean, c'mon, it is a quality wipe!"

    One parent even gave it to her son as a graduation present to show that he's officially old enough to wipe his own ass -- but it turned into the best gift he's ever gotten. "My son is in the Army and swears these are a luxury item in the field," the mom added.

  • Forget the baby, some users love them for their own personal needs.

    "I keep a pack 'handy' and if you are careful enough, you can put it on your other hand to be able to use both sides of this 'handy' product," another user shared.

    "I purchased this as more of a 'gag' gift for my husband but he was excited to use them," one woman added. "However, they didn't fit his big hand well so he shared with their 10-year-old son who is seriously in love with them."

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    But in addition to being useful for some, one user pointed out that they can be incredible for those with disabilities. "As funny as these might seem, they are fantastic for individuals with physical disabilities like cerebral palsy," the user commented. "I wish they were cheaper and could benefit more people to make them more independent." 

  • Whether you keep them for yourself or gift them to parents dealing with poo-namis, these mittens are perfect for anyone with a sense of humor.

    Let's be real, parents are seriously going to want to keep these wipes on hand! 

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