Stubborn Toddler Eats an Onion Just So He Doesn't Have to Admit It's Not an Apple


Toddlers aren't known for being the most agreeable people in the world. They fight for control over everything they do, refuse to listen to even the most basic instructions, and want nothing more than to prove to their parents that they can figure everything out by themselves. That's why it's not even a little bit surprising that after this toddler grabbed an onion thinking it was an apple, he soldiered on and ate it anyway just to prove he knew what he was doing.

  • In a video posted on Reddit, the little kid bites into a whole onion like it's no big thing.

    "'Mom, can I have this apple?'" the caption reads. "'No, that's not an apple! That's an onion!' 'No, it's not!'"

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  • Pretty quickly, you can tell this kid realizes he's made a terrible, horrible mistake.

    But does that stop him? No, no. He's a toddler, and he's got something to prove. He takes not one, not two, but five bites of the onion before the video ends. His eyes water, you can hear him struggling to chew, but he never quits.

  • Of course, the Internet is both awed and horrified by the sheer magnitude of his stubbornness.

    Just imagine what this kid's teenage years are going to be like.

  • Some people actually related to the toddler and shared their own stories of times they were exceptionally disagreeable as kids.

    "My mom told me I couldn't leave the dinner table until I ate my broccoli," one person explained, "so I f*cking slept at the table all night."

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  • One parent told her kid he couldn't have Goldfish crackers until his plate was empty ... so he gave his food to the dog.

    Empty is empty, right?

  • Another person even said behavior like this is where we get all those ridiculous teenage social media "challenges."

    But something tells me a kid with this level of determination is going to be able to stay above the fray. He won't be eating Tide Pods, he'll be telling his friends how stupid that is. It may be tough to raise strong-willed kids while they're young, but in the end, it's exactly that kind of iron will we try to develop in our children. So good for you, kid. But maybe stop after one bite of the onion next time.