Dad Nails Why Men's Bathrooms Need Changing Tables, for Those Who Don't Get It Ocharoen

In fighting for moms and dads to share equal parts of the entire parenting pie, we often forget the many societal setbacks in place that make doing so very difficult. For years, parents have been speaking out about the lack of changing tables in men's bathrooms all over the country, but this new dad's tweets about the phenomenon perfectly explain just how necessary they are. 

  • After his first child was born, educator Clint Smith began to take notice of the fact that very few men's restrooms have changing tables.

    He took to his popular Twitter account to explain why the lack of these tables is incredibly detrimental to the goal of equaling the parental playing field. 

    "It further perpetuates the notion that the burden of childcare should fall singularly on the woman," he wrote. "[It also] assumes that men are never out by themselves with their kids." 

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  • Smith says the lack of resources for fathers actually ends up making thing harder on moms.

    Even when busy or wrangling other kids, moms are often forced to take over diaper-changing duties from dads when in public. "More than being an inconvenience for me and other dads, it's mostly an inconvenience for women." 

  • Whether it be the lack of changing tables or comments about dads "babysitting" their kids, Smith claims that our society is set up to "let dads off the hook."

  • Feeling emboldened by his words, many dads spoke out in agreement with Smith.

    Some of them talked about the odd places they've been forced to change their kids' diapers. 

  • Many talked about having to take drastic measures when out in public with their kids.

    "I've had to have women watch the door of the ladies' room for me while I went inside to change diapers," said one father. 

  • Others backed up Smith's idea that taking the onus of childcare off dads puts it all on moms' shoulders.

    "It's infuriating," one Twitter user wrote. "And when we are together it forces [my wife] to [change diapers] or we would have to do it in public." 

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  • Luckily, all hope is not lost.

    One user replied to Clint Smith's tweets by sharing that New York City recently became the first place in the country to require changing tables in public restrooms regardless of gender. 

    While that may seem like a small drop in the bucket, it is definitely an important step forward. In the meantime, it is vital that concerned fathers like Clint Smith continue to speak out about the lack of resources available to dads so that we can continue to foster change.

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