Parents Are Tweeting the Creepiest Things Kids Have Ever Said & It's Terrifying

If you're a parent who's ever woken up at 2 a.m. to your child staring at you in the dark, then you know kids are basically the creepiest humans to ever walk the earth. But it's not just the things they do that make us start praying for protection from a higher power -- it's also the things they say. In a viral Twitter thread, parents are sharing the scariest things their kids have ever said, and we're not lying even a little bit when we say these tweets are nightmare fuel.

  • Writer Mikki Kendall wrote a tweet asking parents to quote their creepy kids for a little Saturday night entertainment.

    The tweet got over 14,000 likes and 1,400 responses, because once we're done being scared to death by our kids, parents' absolute most favorite thing to do is share their stories online and creep other people out. And these stories? They did not disappoint.

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  • Right off the bat, someone shared that her kid used a marker board in their house to write, "I can smell your fear."

    Okay, Hannibal Lecter. Maybe keep that sixth sense to yourself.

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  • Another person really loved that his kid wanted to gobble him up ...

    ... until he realized his child also wanted to chop him into little pieces first.

  • This dad's little boy almost went full Blair Witch Project on him.

    A sacrifice? Does he mean like, the many daily sacrifices we make as parents to raise happy and healthy children? That better be what he means.

  • One little girl simply read a story with her grandma, NBD.

    Except her grandmother died two years before she was born.

  • Another little kid made friends with a ghost at the local cemetery.

    He's coming over to talk? You better run. All the way home.

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  • Even babysitters got in on the creepy quote action.

    Maybe this kid's parents read him Stephen King novels before bedtime? At least we hope that's the explanation for this one.

  • And one child may or may not have predicted a heartbreaking and horrifying international tragedy.

    When another Twitter user asked if the little kid ever mentioned the plane crash again after completing her creepy drawing, the parent responded, "She mentioned it a ton and said it reminded her of when she died on a plane. She was like 3 at the time."

  • There are many people out there who think kids have a special connection with the paranormal.

    After all, kids tend to see and hear people who aren't there more often than the rest of us. Plus, they seem to just "know" creepy things, like details about deceased relatives we've never told them about or random details about the afterlife or other lives we've supposedly lived.

    According to, babies and small kids actually can see things adults can't see. But it has nothing to do with ghosts (sorry). Kids have "super sight" that allows them to see minute details in objects, people, and animals that adults simply don't notice. As for the paranormal stuff? Well, it could be an overactive imagination, kids remembering things we've told them but forgotten about, or even just us parents ascribing meaning to simple coincidences. Or, maybe kids really are little mediums and science just hasn't gotten that far yet. Either way, after reading some of these quotes, I have a feeling my toddler won't be the only one sleeping with the lights on tonight.