Moms Are Obsessing Over This Insanely Easy Pacifier Teething Hack

Emelia Jackson/Facebook

Teething is hell for both parents and babies. While our little ones are forced to bear the pain of cutting new teeth, we're forced to watch them suffer and deal with the stress that comes along with it. Attempting to find new ways to make teething a little more bearable for her son, one mom shared an incredible pacifier hack she thought up -- and it's pretty damn amazing. 

  • Emelia Jackson's hack is so simple, we don't know why we didn't think of it.

    "If your babies are teething, mamas put water in your soothie and then put it in the freezer for a couple hours," she wrote in her viral Facebook post

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  • The ice-filled soothies create a double whammy of comfort and pain relief for little ones.

    Instead of having to hold on to store-bought teething items or deal with ice cubes, moms who take advantage of the hack are using an item that kids already feel comfortable with to alleviate their teething pains. 

  • The hack takes seconds to prepare and minimal effort on the part of busy moms.

    In her "tutorial," Jackson uses the super popular Philips Avent brand of "soothie" pacifiers. The pacis can be bought on Amazon in packs of two for as little as $3. 

  • In an interview with Scary Mommy, Jackson said she shared her hack to support other moms.

    "Teething is a bitch, let's just be honest," she said. "So if you can find these cheap, easy hacks then why not? Us mamas got to stick together, so I'm glad it's helped a few people."

    The mother also shared that her son is taking full advantage of her inventive thinking. "He was so content with his cold binky."

  • Moms everywhere reached out to Jackson to praise her for the idea.

  • Plenty claimed to have tried it themselves.

    "Today my baby's top two teeth seem to really be trying to push through and this was the only thing that helped," said one Facebook user. 

  • But, others expressed concerns over the possible safety risks.

    "If that piece of ice comes out as it melted [the] baby could choke, aspirate, or die," one mom warned.

  • And many were concerned about infants accidentally drinking the water.

    "Giving a baby younger than 6 months old too much water can interfere with the baby's ability to absorb the nutrients in breast milk or formula," wrote one parent. 

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    In a recent edit to her original post, Jackson responded to these concerns by assuring everyone that the pacis are safe to fill. "Since there are so many people freaking out thinking my little man is drinking the water, I want to show you that there is NO hole in this binky. And absolutely NO way for the baby to get the water."

    Jackson's hack isn't necessarily "perfect." Parents do need to stay vigilant when giving their babies anything to chew on, even a pacifier. And like other frozen teething items, the ice will melt at some point and it might get a little messy. Still, you definitely can't beat something as cheap and easy for babies as an ice-filled pacifier.

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