Heroic Daughter Steps in After Caretaker Caught Slapping Her Mom With Dementia


There is tons of debate surrounding the ethics of "nanny cams." While many argue that they are an invasion of privacy, others stress that they allow parents and caregivers to keep their loved ones safe. After catching a caretaker abusing her mother with dementia, one woman is standing firm in her belief that "nanny cams" are necessary

  • Seventy-eight-year-old Sabina Marsden was sitting in her daughter's home with her caretaker, Stacey George, when the abuse was filmed.

    Marsden, who happens to have dementia, was simply sitting quietly when George began forcefully slapping her arm. 

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  • Italian-born Marsden can be heard saying "Mamma mia" as the woman hits her five consecutive times.

  • George then rips the blanket off the 78-year-old before insulting her.

    "God you stink," she says. 

  • But to the caretaker's surprise, Marsden's daughter, Gina Owen, was watching the abuse happen from a live-stream on her cell phone.

    In the video, Owen can be seen coming into the room and very calmly asking George to leave, revealing that she'd witnessed the entire ordeal. George then claims it was the first time she'd ever hurt Marsden, and she grabs her things and leaves. 

    "We only put the camera in because we thought [George] was being lazy," Owen said in an interview with Yahoo UK. "I didn't expect to see that, I was shocked. I felt sick."

  • Owen says that George had been her mother's caretaker for almost two years.

    In addition to having dementia, Sabina Marsden is diabetic and partially blind. "She couldn't tell us if that camera wasn't up. I think it's been going on a lot longer than when that camera was fitted, from when my dad died," said Owen. "I'm just glad that camera has been put in place and [George has] been caught.”

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  • The company George worked for, Mega Care, claims she is no longer employed there.

    "We are appalled and disgusted by the actions of this ex-staff member," chief operating officer Winner Lawal said, according to Yahoo UK. "Of the 22 months that we cared for Sabina, this same staff member provided more than 96 per cent of the total visits. Sabina was the only service user cared for by this member of staff."

    While Gina Owen is happy to have her mother safe, she revealed that the family will be pursuing legal action against Mega Care and possibly Stacey George, as well. 

    This situation, while certainly horrific to witness, serves as proof that nanny cams provide many with a way to keep vulnerable loved ones safe in the company of caregivers, babysitters, and anyone else they come in contact with. The level of accountability they provide should allow parents, especially, to sleep a little easier.