This Mom Is Demanding Proof of Flu Shots After In-Laws Lied Before Meeting Her Newborn



New parents get to lay down the laws when it comes to who can visit their newborn, when they can come, and how long they are allowed to stay. Although this can get uncomfortable, it's up to parents to set these rules -- and it's up to loved ones to respect them. However, things can get a bit more uncomfortable for moms and dads who have the "vaccination talk" and require anyone getting near their newborn to have received shots first. Considering what an awful flu season it is right now, one pregnant mom wants to ensure her in-laws get the flu shot before they meet her new baby, but she recently found out that they lied about getting vaccinated before they met her firstborn. Now, she's in shock over the position they put her in.

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  • The new mom asked everyone to get vaccinated before meeting her newborn and everyone agreed.

    The anonymous mom shared on What to Expect that nobody seemed to have a problem with her and her husband's request before her first baby was born. 

  • But she found out after the fact that her SIL lied about getting vaccinated.

    The sister-in-law mentioned a few months ago that she hasn't had any shots since she was a kid -- and that's a major red flag for this mom. To her, the whooping cough and flu are no joke and she can't believe that people would not only lie to her about the vaccines after her baby was born, but also put her newborn at risk by spending time with him without the shots.

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  • She's pregnant again and doesn't know how to ensure that they actually get the shot before baby #2.

  • Many moms were outraged that family would lie to this new mom and jeopardize her newborn's health.

  • One mom tried to play devil's advocate by pointing out that the SIL might have gotten the flu mist.

  • Another brought up that it's more about the lying and lack of respect than the shots.

  • This user agreed that as her babies' biggest advocate, she shouldn't feel bad about trying to protect them.

  • Others see nothing wrong with taking things a step further and asking for proof this time.

  • This mom suggested offering to go as a group and demanding documentation if not.

  • This flu season is no joke, and many think it's time to be blunt in order to do what you think is best for your baby.