This Kid Ordered a Bong Online -- So His Mom Asked Him to Open It in Front of Her


If parents have a superpower, it's being able to tell when our kids are lying. It's a sixth sense we acquire the moment they enter our lives, but rarely has that ever stopped kids from trying to pull a fast one. That's why the Internet is obsessed with this video of a teen who ordered a bong online and got totally busted when his mom made him open the box in front of her.

  • The video was shared on YouTube with the caption, "LMFAO when your brother orders a bong and your mom's [sic] wants to see him open it."

    What follows is 49 hilariously awkward seconds of an anonymous kid who knows he's in trouble, trying to act like he has no clue what a bong is or how one got mailed to his address.

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  • "I have no idea what this is," he says over and over, as he investigates the bubble-wrapped harbinger of doom.

    You can practically hear his pulse spiking through the screen as he desperately attempts to sound clueless. "I seriously have no idea what this," he mutters.

    How did this get here? What is bubble wrap? What's a package? I am but an innocent tween with no knowledge of this modern innovation you call mail.

  • They reach the last layer of bubble wrap and can clearly see the bong through the plastic, but he perseveres.

    "It just looks like a vase for, like, a bunch of, like, things," he offers.

    "It's a bong," his mom says, even though I'm pretty sure he knows, and she knows that he knows, and we know that she knows that he knows.

    "What the frick?" he exclaims, with all the acting chops of an amateur soap opera star. "I didn't order that. I ordered an Xbox card, er, an Xbox remote."


  • Let the record show that this is the official face of a mom who's on to you.

  • The video is hilarious for so many reasons. First, because literally all of us have been this kid at some point.

    Hell, I'm still this person when I run into someone I don't like at the grocery store and try to pretend I never got that text they sent asking for a playdate. But as this commenter on Reddit pointed out, the "lie-voice" gives us away every time.

  • Then, there's the language he uses.

    What the frick? I have no idea what this is. It's a vase, er, Xbox card, er, remote. *Gulp*

  • And the best part, of course, is his mom.

    The video was posted anonymously, so the kid and his mom haven't shared their takes on the incident. But that hasn't stopped the video from cracking up thousands of users on Reddit and YouTube. Another YouTube user even made a "follow up" video of himself opening a box with an Xbox controller in it and saying, "What the frick? I ordered a bong!"

    Kids, it seems, will never stop trying to hide things from their parents. And it will never stop being funny to watch them do it.