Mom Thought Her Kid Was Just Being Dramatic -- Until X-Rays Proved Her Wrong

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Kristen Hewitt/Facebook

Since there's no manual (unfortunately) when it comes to parenting, sometimes it's hard for moms and dads to know if it's a serious injury when their little ones get hurt. That's because parents of dramatic kiddos know that it doesn't matter if it's just a paper cut or a blood-gushing wound -- the response will be the same: sheer hysterics. As the mom of a self-proclaimed drama queen, Kristen Hewitt is accustomed to having to use her gut when it comes to deciphering if her daughter Lila is crying over a minor bump or a bigger problem. However, the 8-year-old recently proved her mom wrong after getting hurt at home.

  • When Lila jammed her toe while playing, Hewitt didn't think it was a big deal.

    Hewitt -- who works in sports broadcasting and runs a lifestyle blog -- explained that her two girls were running around having a tickle fight after dinner when Lila caught her foot on the corner of their entertainment center. "I rolled my eyes when our oldest started crying," she wrote in a piece for Her View From Home. "I thought she had stubbed her toe and was putting on yet another dramatic performance. She's the queen of injuries, usually getting hurt in some form at least twice a day."

    Hewitt wasn't too concerned about Lila's injury and gave her both ice and Advil to help with the tears. "You're fine. It's just a bruise, walk on your heel," Hewitt recalled telling Lila on Facebook.

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  • The "walk it off" method didn't work, and 24 hours later they went to an orthopedist.

    Her husband was out of town, and after telling him what happened over the phone, Hewitt decided to wait it out instead of rushing to the hospital that night. "The next morning when [Lila] couldn't put any weight on it though, I was like, 'Seriously? It's just a bruise!'" she wrote. "Since she could only hop on one foot, she had to stay home from school. Later she threw up, and around lunchtime, I looked again and the toe did look funky. Black and blue, with a weird bump, and she still couldn't walk at all." 

    Hewitt found an orthopedist who would see Lila and was shocked when he delivered the diagnosis: "Lila, you have two broken toes, one completely severed," the doctor said, according to Hewitt on Facebook.
  • The "drama queen" had been right -- and Hewitt felt like the worst mom ever.

    Lila had to be fitted for a cast and Hewitt said she's never seen someone "so ridiculously happy" to get one. "She smiled with redemption knowing she indeed was not faking, and I felt like the worst mom ever," Hewitt wrote in her article.

    Hewitt immediately apologized to Lila, and the little girl didn't hold it against her mom. "She didn't care, she said, 'That's okay, Mom, I'm a drama queen, I get it,'" Hewitt tells CafeMom. "I know plenty of parents who too are raising accident-prone kids; we all just have to do our best! Lesson learned -- if you think it might be broken ... go to the doctor!"

    After sharing her experience on social media, Hewitt asked if there were other parents out there who had ever discounted their kids' "injuries" only to find out it was much more serious than they thought. The responses she received helped to ease her mom guilt. "Hundreds of moms and dads wrote in their stories of misdiagnosing injuries and bad parenting confessions," she wrote in her piece. "I not only took comfort in their own tales of parenting suckiness, but I laughed my a** off."

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    "Don't despair, parents, there is no manual for child-rearing, nor is there one for determining if our kids are indeed faking an injury or truly need their appendix out," Hewitt continued. "And we learn from our failures so now at least we'll know what to do the next time our kids break an appendage. GO TO THE DOCTOR! Hoping that never happens, but guilt be gone parents because it appears we've all been there! (Some worse than others.)"