Parents Share Video of Twin Toddlers Kissing & People Are Calling It 'Inappropriate'


There's nothing sweeter than the love between siblings, but apparently not everyone on the Internet agrees. A viral video that shows two toddler brothers kissing each other at daycare has parents online fighting about what is and isn't appropriate when it comes to siblings showing each other affection.

  • Instagram user Eyeconicash shared the video of the two boys with the caption "all you need is love."

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    In it, Jet Pharaoh and Nova Maximus, the twin toddler stars of the Instagram account SupernovaAndJetman, sweetly walk up to each other in what appears to be a daycare or preschool. They hug and share a three-second kiss on the lips, before turning around and running off together to play.

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  • The video shows an innocent moment between two little brothers, but not everyone saw it that way.

    Dozens of commenters jumped in to say the boys should be told to hug instead of kissing each other, because allowing them to kiss is teaching them "it's okay to kiss boys."

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  • Others called it "weird" and said kids should never be taught that kissing their siblings on the lips is acceptable.

    "What if they never stop that behavior?" one person asked. Apparently only hugs and kisses on the cheek are "appropriate for siblings."

  • But not everyone was rankled by the video.

    As one person pointed out, lots of little kids will show affection the way they're taught to show it at home. For some families, that could mean hugs only. For others, it's kisses on the cheeks or kisses on the lips. And at preschool age, kids aren't trying to be sexual or inappropriate; they're just loving each other.

  • Most people seemed to agree the only "weird" thing about this video is how many people are getting upset over it.

    "This is an innocent moment between babies," one person wrote. "STFU and go hug your loved ones!"

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  • This isn't the first time the Internet has gotten worked up about family members kissing each other on the lips.

    Stars like David and Victoria Beckham and Hillary Duff have been shamed by fans for kissing their kids on the lips. But this may be the first time two little kids have been publicly shamed for kissing each other. And you have to wonder, why are we shaming parents and siblings for being affectionate anyway?

    Obviously, how kids show affection has a lot to do with what their parents think is "normal" and appropriate, and it's important for all of us to have conversations about boundaries. But whether these brothers say "I love you" with a hug, a peck on the cheek, by holding hands, or yes, even by kissing on the mouth, cyber-bullying a couple of toddlers for expressing their love for each other is never okay.

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