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  • Nick captured the (surprisingly quick) second attempt on video.

    "In the video we shared, I had the weekend to discuss the procedure with my husband," she says. "Mentally I was able to prepare, decided that I wouldn't make it more complicated than it had to be, and I was going to relax and do what I needed to do to make better situation for my baby. Physically, there was a lot of pressure; it was unpleasant. You might notice that I almost grabbed the doctor's hand when he was pushing on a sore spot. I knew that I was in good hands, and he was done so quickly I was very impressed. The peace of mind that came with the success of the procedure was priceless." 

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  • At almost 42 weeks, Vanessa hasn't delivered yet -- but she's eagerly awaiting her little one's arrival.

    Vanessa's due date was December 31, and after doctors checked that it's still safe to wait, she's patiently holding out until he decides to make his arrival. "The baby is doing great breathing, active, with plenty of amniotic fluid. And he is still in the head-down position!" she says.

  • In the meantime, she hopes that her experience breaks stereotypes surrounding breech pregnancies.

    Vanessa and Nick explained that they decided to share their experience in the hopes that it empowers other women. 

    "It was important to us to share the video to make others aware that there are options available to them, as well as professionals who are dedicated to seriously considering and honoring the desires of mothers through pregnancy and child birth," she says. "My husband and I chose a natural path for care and delivery for this pregnancy. It has been enlightening and liberating to be able to experience this process on our terms ... Although in some cases it is needed, C-sections shouldn't be the first and only solution to any and every hiccup in pregnancy. I don't like to see a doctor's convenience or pharmaceutical profit take precedence over a mother's right to make good choices concerning her own body and child. Childbearing is a blessing, not a business."

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