Here's the Problem With Joking About 'Lazy' Dads & Husbands, for Those Who Don't Get It

Dad with kids
Alyce Kominetsky - One Word at a Time/Facebook

There are certain jokes or memes targeted at moms that typically get a bunch of laughs and likes. They usually have to do with drinking wine, shopping at Target, doing more than their husbands, or a combination of the three. Although some get offended over the insinuation that all moms want to do is drink wine, one woman sees a different problem with these stereotypical parenting jokes: the ones that constantly attack men and label them all as "lazy" dads.


Out of all of the negativity circulating the Internet, what bothers Alyce Kominetsky is seeing the jokes and comments about how useless fathers are. "I find that there are a lot of posts about lazy men, ungrateful dads, useless partners or endless jokes about husbands being dumb or incapable of raising their children," the One Word at a Time blogger wrote on Facebook. "I know there are dads out there who are these things. There are also moms who are these things."

Dad with kids
Alyce Kominetsky - One Word at a Time/Facebook

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For once, this mom of one doesn't want yet another post to focus the lazy dads who sit back while their wives struggle through motherhood. "This post is for the men who are our rocks. The men who would lay their life on the line for their family. The men who work tirelessly to provide," she wrote. "The men who stay home with their children. The men who play and wrestle and laugh."

This mom has been married to her husband Nick for almost nine years and wants to celebrate him, along with the men like him who set an example for what dads should be instead of perpetuating the stereotype that all males are selfish, half-assed parents. "The men who know when to be firm or when a gentle hug is needed. The men who ask how our day was and want to hear the truth," she wrote. "The men who get this wild ride called parenthood. The men who make us feel loved beyond measure. The men who we chose to share our lives with. The men who we are raising our children with. The men who are doing their very best to raise strong, independent and loved children."

Alyce Kominetsky - One Word at a Time/Facebook

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Alyce realizes that it doesn't matter how involved your partner is -- being a parent is rough. Which is why she sincerely appreciates the men who get shit on despite always being there. "At the end of the day, this parenting gig is hard and I am beyond grateful that I have someone by my side who gets it. So, thank you, dads, for being wonderful and amazing," she wrote. "Because you are more than capable and we can't imagine doing this without you."

And don't get Alyce wrong; if Nick can't find something right in front of him or messes up, she's the first to tease him. But she also knows that when it comes to being a dad, he's more than capable -- he's amazing. "We are lucky to have a great partnership and we truly share the 'work' of running the household and raising our daughter," she tells CafeMom. "I just wanted to send a shout-out to the men who are involved and who are awesome!"  

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