Man Uses Philly Cheesesteaks to Measure His Baby's Growth & It's the Most 'Dad' Thing Ever

baby philly cheesesteak measure

It's always fun to document your baby's first year. You'll be able to look back and remember them as squirmy little newborns, watch as they develop personalities, and have recorded memories that make the fact that they're growing so fast a little easier to bear. Some parents like to get creative when it comes to first-year photos; they use props like fresh fruits or cuddly teddy bears. Other parents -- like this dad, for example -- use delicious, steaming Philly cheesesteaks.

  • Brad Williams is the creative dad behind the hilarious baby cheesesteak photos.

    The new father told the idea came to him after he brought home a Philly cheesesteak for dinner one night and noticed that it was about the same size as his 2-week-old son, Lucas. "I took a picture showing the [cheesesteak for scale] and my friends and family absolutely loved it," Williams said. "The tradition was born!"

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  • For the next year, Williams took photographic evidence of his son's growth using what he calls the "Cheesesteak for Scale" system.

    He made sure to post the entertaining photos on his personal website and on his Instagram so that his friends and family could stay up to date. 

  • The 37-year-old dad says his wife was completely supportive of his project.

    Williams also said their friends and family got really involved, helping pose the little one in photos and even going so far as to create their own "Cheesesteak for Scale" photos

  • Of course, the quest to document his son's first year with Philly cheesesteaks didn't come without its issues.

    As little Lucas continue to grow, Williams found that he couldn't continue to use regularly sized cheesesteaks anymore. He was forced to get his goods from a multitude of different stores so that they could keep up with his boy. 

  • With the "Cheesesteak for Scale" project officially finished, Williams has drawn some pretty interesting conclusions in its wake.

    The father claims there are striking similarities between babies and cheesesteaks. "Wrapped up they are warm and cuddly, but once you unwrap them, expect a huge mess," he told "Either way, both are worth it."

  • The father also says that while the project was definitely worth it, it's had some lasting effects on Lucas.

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    Though the project started because Williams wanted to share one of his favorite foods with his son, the dad says the boy pretty much hates cheesesteaks now. Still, he hopes that Lucas's dislike of them doesn't last forever. "I think one day he'll come back to loving cheesesteaks, but for now he's having none of it," Williams admitted.