This Mom Dared to Joke About Parenthood & People Are Bashing Her for It

The 21st Century SAHM/Facebook

Aside from everything that children put their parents through, one of the hardest parts about being a mom is the seemingly constant judgement and shaming from other adults. One way that some folks deal with both what their kiddos and nosy grown-ups put them through is with humor, and Karen Johnson happens to be a pro at it. Instead of letting the chaos and comments consume, she isn't afraid to laugh at it all, and she even dares to make fun of the sh*tshow that life as a mom can be. However, not everyone has an open sense of humor, and instead of laughing along at her lighthearted social media post, many are slamming her. 


Johnson, who is the writer behind the 21st Century SAHM blog, is a mom of three, and like many parents during this time of year, she's ready for winter break to be over. To laugh at the toll having her kids at home is taking on her, she posted a funny meme about what moms look like by the time kids go back to school. Despite it being a lighthearted (and pretty hysterical) meme, it got more than just laughs on social media, as some were pissed or offended by it.

Winter break meme
The 21st Century SAHM/Facebook

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In response to the "controversy" that her joke sparked, Johnson shared a message to everyone questioning why she even bothered to have kids if she doesn't cherish every moment with them. "My writer friends and I love our kids. Like would cut off a finger if we had to and go without food for days and run through fire love. All of us. We prioritize motherhood over all else," she wrote on Facebook. "However. Motherhood is the hardest fricking thing on the planet."

Despite those who think they know better, Johnson points out that when you become a mom, there's no boss or handbook telling you exactly what to do or giving you constructive feedback. "We. Don't. Know. What. We. Are. Doing," she wrote. "But we are doing our damn best and sometimes we need a little humor to soften the blows that motherhood throws our way."

Yes, Johnson has enjoyed spending time with her kiddos during winter break while they've snuggled, made memories, played games, and watched movies. But that doesn't mean that every second of their time off was filled with Christmas cookies and fairy dust. "Some days they drove me a little bat-sh*t crazy," she wrote. "Refereeing over who gets the last waffle when we also have like 24 other breakfast choices can make a mom go a little nutty at 7 am. So I turn to humor."

The 21st Century SAHM/Facebook

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Johnson believes that before slamming another parent, others should remember that the percentage of mothers who suffer from depression is higher than many people think. "I went through a tough stint at the beginning of my SAHM-life and clawed my way out. How? By writing. By laughing. By connecting with other moms and feeling less alone," she wrote. "And I'll tell you this. For all the 'why did you even have kids if you are going to complain about them?' comments I receive, I get 10x that many saying 'Thank you for being real. You make me laugh and feel less alone.'"

So don't follow Johnson if you don't like her memes, but if you're in the mood for some relatable mom humor, Johnson isn't going to let those who criticize her stop her from hopefully making others feel less alone. "I am going to keep loving on my kids and being a good mom who also uses humor as a way to cope, and as way to brighten my day and maybe yours," she wrote. "Because you know what? You can love being with your kids and also vent about how hard parenthood is. It's really possible to do both!"

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