Woman Thinks Her Stepson Still Co-Sleeping With His Mom Is Beyond 'Creepy'



Entering into a relationship when your partner has a child with another woman can be difficult -- especially when there's endless drama between the exes. It can be difficult to find your place, especially when you have to keep your distance from child and mother to try to maintain some peace. One anonymous mom is dealing with this struggle, but despite all the things that have gone down between her partner and his ex, one of the biggest "problems" that she takes issue with is that mom and child still co-sleep, even though the boy is 9 years old.

  • Mom and son live in a different country and when they come to visit, this woman has to leave so they can stay with dad.

    The anonymous woman shared all of the juicy details on Mumsnet, asking if she's being unreasonable for having a problem with the situation. But despite the fact that she accuses the woman of "kidnapping" the child to a different country and hates that she pretty much has to go into hiding when they visit, she says her first issue is with the co-sleeping. 

    "Mother and son do not regularly visit at all -- this is one of the first times. I think everything should be done in his son’s best interests, however as an 'outsider' I think the sleeping with his mother will definitely cause issues, and the fact that he is allowed no independence," she commented. 

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  • Although many have strong opinions, not everyone thinks she's being unreasonable.

  • But others can't believe she would take issue with co-sleeping.

  • They accuse her of being the "creepy" one.

  • And slam her for sexualizing co-sleeping.

    But the mom defended herself, saying she's not "sexualizing" bed sharing. "I'm quite surprised how many people think it is normal for a boy of that age to sleep in the same bed as any parent, mother or father," she commented. "For those of you that think this is normal / not creepy (or that I am the creepy one!), can I ask how you would feel if it were the other [way] around -- how would you feel if, by some means, your ex would not allow your child to stay over at your home unless the ex himself was there too, and the ex himself slept in bed with, say, your 9-year-old daughter?" 

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  • But many still don't see her point ...

  • And they think this is a situation of parents who are just trying to put their child first.

  • Others were quick to point out that co-sleeping is the least of her problems -- and hope she learns that.

    "Thanks for all the comments! It is definitely helpful to understand from others that it isn’t creepy for them to sleep together -- I don’t know this, as my experience is that children always sleep separately from birth," she wrote. "For all the crazies saying I am bitter and interfering, I have not said anywhere that I resent [his] relationship with his son -- he has fought hard to have any access whatsoever, despite being legally entitled to 50% custody. He cannot move country to be closer because of work. I have zero issue with his son staying in his house, obviously!"

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