This Nurse Has a 'Magic' Trick for Making Shots Less Scary for Kids

Tiffany Shelby Marshall/Facebook

Tiffany Shelby Marshall/Facebook

Nurses are well-known for being real lifesavers when it comes to keeping both kids and parents calm in the hospital. Still, with all of their wonder, they haven't been able to do the impossible and make childhood shots any less traumatic for little ones. Until now, that is. A creative nurse has used a bit of "magic" to make the experience of getting shots one that kids don't have to be afraid of. 

  • The nurse displays her skills in a viral video posted by a grandmother named Tiffany Marshall on Facebook.

    Marshall's young grandson is on the hospital bed, clearly anxious about having to get a few shots during his checkup. Luckily, the amazing nurse attending to him has a few special tricks up the sleeves of her scrubs. 

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  • Instead of sticking him with the needle right off the bat, the nurse decides to make a game out of the experience.

    "We're gonna paint, and we're gonna make circles on this paper right here," she says. "You ready?" 

  • The nurse pricks the little boy's finger with ease, then works with him to "paint" his blood onto the card needed by doctors.

    This usually painful task is completed without a single tear out of the interested little boy. 

  • She isn't finished yet, though.

    With three more shots to give, this time in the arms, she uses an extra special technique to make the boy feel more comforted from the scarier, more painful needles. 

  • The nurse encourages him to wrap his arms around her in a big hug.

    He does so wholeheartedly, and while there is still a bit of crying and wiggling out of the little boy, she manages to keep him secure and relatively still while she administers the last three shots in quick succession. 

  • In the end, the boy hops down from the hospital bed and has a nice, crisp $5 bill waiting for him.

    He celebrates his achievement with an adorable little dance, and the video ends with his family and the nurse laughing in the background. 

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    Obviously, what this nurse did isn't a magic trick that involves pulling rabbits out of hats, but it certainly is an amazing feat. With every passing second of the video, you can see the amount of love and dedication she has for her job and the adorable little patients she treats. She handled this nervous little one so well, we kind of wish she was around to administer our shots too. 

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