Video Shows Talking Baby Doll Calling Little Girl a 'B*tch', According to This Mom

Siobhan Fox

When you buy an adorable -- if slightly creepy -- doll for your kid, the last thing you expect is for the toy to start cursing at you. But after buying a popular talking baby doll for her daughter for Christmas, one mom claims that the thing began calling the little girl a b*tch and has even gone so far as to post video evidence of the swearing toy. 

  • Siobhan Fox says she purchased a My Little Baby Born Walks doll for her daughter, Darcey.

    Purchased at a Toys 'R' Us in the United Kingdom, the doll is supposed to say "mama" and "papa", along with making a whole host of baby noises. Instead, Fox claims that the doll is actually saying, "you b*tch, you b*tch." 

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  • Fox says that she and her husband, Daniel, noticed the cursing on Christmas morning after Darcey opened her gifts.

    "My husband got it out for her and put the batteries in -- I was not in the room," the mother told The Sun. "...It just caught his ear. It's meant to say 'mama, dada' -- it's totally not. He called me in and said 'look what do you think to this', I got it straight away."

  • The mom says she was forced to take the doll away from Darcey because the little girl tends to repeat everything she hears.

    "That was what she really wanted and I felt so awful taking it off her but I could not let her go out in public with the doll saying that," she said.

    After attempting to return the doll to the Toys 'R' Us where she bought it, Fox was offered a refund or exchange. But she claims she won't be happy until the store pulls the dolls off of the shelves completely. "I do not know if it's a one off or if they're all saying that," said Fox. 

    Fox claims she was told the doll may have sounded like it was cursing because of low batteries or due to differences in the American accent. 

  • The Fox's aren't the first family to have issues with the My Little Baby Born Walks doll, though.

    On British retailer's website, one parent in October 2017 left a review stating that the doll sounded like "she is swearing or talking in a foreign language."

    The Sun covered a similar story, in which a mom claimed that the same doll was screaming "you b*tch, you b*tch" at her daughter as well. 

  • In a statement to The Sun, Zapf Creations, the manufacturers of the doll, denied these claims.

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    "At Zapf Creation we take all feedback very seriously," said a spokesperson. "Our BABY born products are created to be a fun introduction to imaginative parent-child play. The My Little BABY born Walks doll includes baby babble sounds that are in no way meant to represent language or cause any offence to users."