4-Year-Old Boy Tragically Dies After a Treehouse Collapses on Him

Courtney Contreras/Facebook

Unimaginable tragedy has struck a small Cleveland, Texas, family after a treehouse collapsed on 4-year-old Kade Contreras on Christmas Eve. Suffering extreme head trauma, the boy was placed on life support until Wednesday, when he ultimately passed. In the wake of his death, his devastated mother is trying her hardest to celebrate her son's life.


According to KHOU, Contreras was at a relative's house on Christmas Eve, playing in the backyard when a treehouse suddenly fell on top of him. Following the collapse, paramedics arrived on the scene and rushed the little boy to a nearby hospital. Later in the night, he was airlifted to Houston's Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was placed on life support. 

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“It’s so difficult to watch and to be a part of -- to see beautiful people literally on their knees begging for anything. It’s very tough,” said Rex Evans chief of the Cleveland ISD Police Department and family spokesperson. “As a parent, it’s the worst nightmare you could possibly imagine or as a grandparent. I mean, that’s your baby.”

Courtney Contreras

After being on life support for a little over three days and showing no signs of brain activity, Kade's parents, Courtney and Roy, decided to make the tough decision to turn the machine off. "He had just turned 4 and was looking forward to Christmas," said Evans. "This is about as bad as it gets and the family is asking the community to please keep praying for him."

Later that evening, Courtney Contreras posted about her late son on Facebook. "Our sweet baby boy went home to be with Jesus today at 4:18 pm. I’m trying really hard to not question the whys because I will never know that," she wrote. "All that I know for sure is that we were blessed beyond measure to be Kade Dylan’s parents. My days will never be the same without him and his little voice and big smile."

The mother sent her thanks to everyone who supported her family during their grief-filled stay in the hospital and asked that others continue to lift the family up in peace and understanding. "This is the most gut wrenching feeling and it’s going to be hard for a long time," she added.

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Kade Contreras leaves behind two grieving parents, three older brothers, and a community who is devastated by the loss of such a bright young life. "Our baby is extraordinary just like I have always said," said Mrs. Contreras. "He brought so many people closer together and closer Jesus. He has never made us so proud."

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