Woman Plans Anti-Circumcision Themed Baby Shower for Pregnant Friend & People Are Dragging Her


Debates surrounding hot-button parenting topics like circumcision can get pretty heated. That line in the sand can break up friendships and tempt people to do some pretty extreme things in the name of their beliefs. One woman who is staunchly against circumcision has even gone so far as to plan to co-opt her pro-circumcision friend's baby shower in the most ridiculous ways possible. 

  • The woman took to Facebook to ask for a little bit of advice on her "party planning."

    The popular Facebook page Sanctimommy shared the post, which was supposedly written by an anonymous woman online. "My BFF is having a son and I offered to plan her baby shower," she wrote. "She thinks she is going to circumcise so I am planning to theme the party-ish around NOT circumcising her perfect boy." 

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    The woman went on to discuss how she was thinking about gifting her friend with a small anti-circumcision ankle band for her to put on the baby after his birth. She also mentioned that she would print out some resources for her to read over. "I bought a bunch of anti-circ bumper stickers I am going to wrap on Yankee candles for guests gifts," she wrote. "I need other ideas on how to subtlety include this at her baby shower so it opens a dialogue with her family too and maybe she'll think about it." 

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  • Needless to say, she received way more criticism than actual advice.

  • Even those that were on the anti-circumcision side seemed to agree that her idea was completely inappropriate.

    "I am 100% anti-circ and this is just f*cking wrong," one commenter wrote. "Who the f*ck does she think she is?" 

  • There were also plenty of people who claimed that it was odd the woman was so concerned about such a personal issue.

    "Seems like a disgusting obsession to me." 

  • Some discussed how baby showers are meant to be a "happy time" and definitely aren't the place for "proselytizing."

    One person even wondered how the woman would feel if someone co-opted her baby shower with a pro-circumcision theme. 

  • As with all things on the internet, there were also plenty of people who found hilarity in the crazy situation.

  • "She should absolutely intervene," one mom wrote sarcastically.

    "My precious son is still intact. As a matter of fact, I have stretched his foreskin so that I can tuck his entire body into it thus creating a human cocoon of flesh," she added, obviously joking.

  • There were also plenty of hilarious comparisons pointing out the ridiculousness of the idea.

    "I, for one, LOVED my vegan best friend's "meat is murder" baby shower she planned for me." 

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    While there's no way to tell who actually wrote this post or if she is actually planning on going through with her "out there" baby shower theme, we can only hope she realizes that there's a time and place for everything -- before she ends up with one very angry, very pregnant best friend.