The Hysterical Way an Automatic Coffee Maker Completely Saved Christmas for This Mom

Coffee Maker
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Many parents depend on their coffee maker on Christmas morning for giving them the energy they'll need to enthusiastically get through an early morning after a late night of making holiday magic happen. As a mom of three, Sarah Cottrell was one of those grateful parents come Christmas morning but for a completely different reason. When her night was going to hell, her glorious automatic coffee maker miraculously kicked in and not only scared the shit out of her sneaky 8-year-old, but also convinced him that Santa is alive and well.


The mom behind the blog Housewife Plus explained her exasperating yet hysterical night in a Facebook post that detailed what happened after she tried getting her boys to sleep on Christmas Eve. "My kids were predictably bonkers and getting them to bed was something of a challenge. After bribes, threats, and straight-up pleading, my husband and I finally got the boys to sleep," she wrote. "Then we got to work. We did all the stuff that parents do on Christmas Eve while kids are sleeping. It’s not easy making a basic living room into a magical wonderland by dawn. But we do our best."

Once she finally got the last of the Christmas loot set up downstairs, Cottrell snuck upstairs to get some much-needed sleep. But only a few minutes later, Finn snuck in her room and excitedly woke her up asking if it was time for presents yet. "He was inches from my nose so I’m glad that when he startled me awake I didn’t actually bolt upright because it would have knocked one of us out," she wrote. “I tried to get him to go to bed but of course, that wasn’t going to happen without a veritable ton of bribery." 

Coffee Maker
Housewife Plus/Facebook

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So she offered to snuggle him back to sleep but as most parents know, it wasn't that easy. "Seconds later, I’m in my son’s bed staring at the ceiling and whispering over and over, 'No, you can’t have more water, no, you can’t check on the dogs to see if they are sleeping. No, you do not have to pee. No, you don’t. No. You. Do. Not. FINE! I’ll get you a pee jar,'" she wrote. "I got up and found a Mason jar for him to pee into. There was no way I was going to let him go downstairs and see everything that was waiting for morning. Nope. So pee jar it was."

Finn's excuses for needing to get up and go downstairs only became more elaborate as the clock ticked past 4:00 a.m. without ever falling asleep. "I was exhausted and desperate for just six minutes of rest so when I heard the coffee maker automatically go off and start brewing, I knew I had an opportunity to get my kid to quiet down and be still," she wrote. "I turned my face toward my son and I whisper-screamed, 'OHMYGAWD!!! DO YOU HEAR THAT?!' His eyes got huge. The coffee maker was making these low rumbling sounds that with a little bit of suggestion sure did sound an awful lot like a big fat jolly elf rummaging through a sack of toys."

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Like the Christmas miracle that it truly was, Finn believed her and he immediately went silent. "I had exactly 12 minutes of not having to get up and of total quiet, because what kid is going to spook Santa, get busted, then ruin Christmas? Not this one, anyway," she wrote. "He laid there with huge eyes and a wide open mouth. He squeezed my hand and I was trying as hard as I could to not die laughing. It was super sweet and funny."

Cottrell completely forgot about the automatic coffee maker's bell so when it went off, she had to think quickly. "'Oh! That was Santa’s pager! It means his time is up and he has to get to the next house.' My 8YO jumped out of bed and ran to his window before I could say anything," she wrote. "Did I mention that we live about 20 minutes away from an airport and there are always planes circling low to prep for landing?" 

When Finn looked out the window, he saw “Santa” with blinking red and white lights flying low in the sky and couldn't contain his excitement. Not only had Santa come but he was lucky enough to be awake for the magic! "And then everyone woke up. It was 5:00 a.m," she wrote. "I didn’t get to sleep but I got to lay down for exactly 12 minutes and managed to make Christmas straight up magical for one deserving 8-year-old kid."

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