This Mom Lets Her Toddler Do Her Own Makeup & People Are Seriously Judging


At just 3 years old, Liriana is a talented makeup guru who has garnered plenty of online popularity for showing off her amazing makeup skills on an Instagram. Although the account that her mom created features Liriana and her brother doing everything from making cookies to listening to movies, it's Liriana's makeup videos that people seem drawn to. Unfortunately, these viewers aren't always watching and commenting for the positive reasons.

  • Liriana's most popular video shows her doing a full makeup look.

    Liriana showed off a complex look complete with cream concealer under her eyes, plenty of eyeshadow, blush, mascara, and lipstick. The video, spread around on Instagram, clearly shows that the 3-year-old clearly knows what she's doing. 

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  • But not everyone seemed to find her skills endearing.

    People in the comments quickly began questioning why a girl so young was allowed to wear makeup at all, let alone film herself doing it online. 

  • Of course, it wasn't long before people began blaming her parents.

    "Her parents are a**holes," one user wrote. 

    In an interview with Yahoo Beauty, Liriana's mother, Suella says that makeup is like playtime for her daughter and she wishes that people wouldn't react so negatively to her videos. "It’s a little kid playing. But I’m not going to please everyone and I understand that, so I’ve learned to ignore them and appreciate the people supporting my daughter’s page,” she said.

  • Some even went so far as to suggest that the wearing makeup so young would scar her for life.

    "She's never gonna believe she's beautiful without makeup," one Instagram user wrote. 

  • Not everyone had something harsh to say, though.

  • There were a few who stood up to Liriana's haters.

    One defender pointed out that it was obvious that the 3-year-old didn't view makeup as something she "needs" to do, but rather something that she has a fun time playing with. 

  • Others claimed that playing with makeup is no different from her doing something like finger painting.

    "Get off your f*cking high horses it is art," wrote one commenter. 

  • Despite the harsh comments, Suella won't let them affect her daughter's hobby.

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    “My daughter does not wake up and put makeup on. She just loves to play with it from time to time and I have no problem allowing her to do it because we’ve all done it,” she said. “I don’t think any mother would bring that negativity to their child; this is all for fun.”

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