Parents of 'That Kid' Gave Their Son's Teachers Bottles of Wine With His Face on Them


Sometimes as parents, we have to take a second to admit that our kids may not be the easiest people for others to deal with. Of course, this doesn't mean we love them any less, but being able to take stock of the situation is always a good thing. Two incredibly self-aware parents have taken things to the next level by gifting their son's teachers wine bottles with his face -- a special present just for putting up with his behavior. 

  • Instead of baked goods or thoughtful cards, these parents decided to gift their kid's teachers with something a little more hardcore.

    According to a Twitter post made by the couple's older son, they bought a few bottles of wine and replaced the labels with their young son's school photo. 

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  • "Our child might be the reason you drink," the label said.

    "So enjoy this bottle on us." 

  • With over 6K retweets and 38K likes in just a couple of days, the parents' clever idea is steadily going viral.

    In an interview with the Atlanta Constitutional Journal, the boy's mother, Mary Sommers, shared that her son isn't necessarily a bad kid, but he is "that kid." 

    The mother claims that she and her husband simply wanted to do something special for hardworking teachers. “How many coffee mugs does a teacher need?” she asked. "But who doesn’t need a glass of wine after teaching a kid like mine?” 

  • People all over the Internet are celebrating the parents for their dedication.

  • Plenty are pointing out how creative the doctored wine bottles were.

    "What a funny and practical idea," one Twitter user wrote. 

  • Others are simply praising these parents for being cool as hell.

  • And apparently this isn't the first time this sort of thing has been done.

    "My sis did the same thing with her kid," commented someone on Twitter, including a photo of a wine bottle with a young boy's smiling face plastered across the front. 

  • Like everyone else, we have to give the Sommers family their props.

    The wine bottles were a fresh, creative way to gift teachers with a little something special and take some of the pressure off being the parents of "that kid." 

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    We're sure the teachers more than enjoyed their holiday gifts.