A Man Tried to Body-Shame This Pregnant Mom for Eating KFC -- & She Annihilated Him

KFC meal
Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run/Facebook

You should never judge a woman's body or what she's eating. For those who are dumb enough to pass an opinion, at least some of them have the brains to keep it to themselves. However, one expectant mom learned firsthand that there's a new level of low in the form of guys who have the nerve to body-shame pregnant women -- all while thinking they are doing "God's work" by offering their opinion.


Laura Mazza is currently 14 weeks pregnant with her third baby and decided to indulge a pregnancy craving with some delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken. While she was enjoying her meal at the restaurant, two men walked in, flexing their muscles after working out at the gym. Macho Man Number 1 ordered popcorn chicken with a side of potatoes and gravy, but instead of focusing on his meal, he decided to approach Mazza about hers.

Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run/Facebook

Mazza, who is the witty mama behind the Mum on the Run blog and Facebook page, shared their mind-blowing interaction in a humorous post written from his perspective as if he was journaling in a diary. "I look at her and notice, she's kinda round, kinda chubby. I stare at her a bit while she goes from dunking her [fries] in hot sauce to potato and gravy and shoving it in her mouth with delight," she wrote as if she were the male stranger. "I see her do the same with her burger ... and I don't know why, diary, but it bothers me ... I see this girl enjoying her lunch and she's clearly unfit and I dunno why, maybe it's the fact that the brains went from my head down to my small steroided penis, but I feel I need to tell her that what she is doing is wrong."

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At first, Mazza thought the guy was walking over because he saw her roll her eyes during his womanizing conversation, but it turns out that something else caught his attention. "I said, 'Excuse me, do you know how bad KFC is for you? THAT much KFC?'" she wrote from his perspective. "She looks at me confused and with disbelief, probably because it's ironic that I myself am eating popcorn chicken but I take the time to explain to her that I in fact eat very clean and was eating this because my lean body that was made from Zeus and Athena, the Greek gods, needed some fat. I then explained to her I was a personal trainer and I could stop her from jiggling when she walks (yes they were my EXACT words) and help her get fit and hot for summer to find a man ... and that surely she'd rather that, than looking pregnant and chubby and single."

Pregnant woman
Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run/Facebook

After he finished his spiel, Mazza didn't say a word at first. "She studied my face. Probably thinking how could one individual be so beautiful? And not at all that maybe I was either drunk, she was being punked, or that I genuinely suffer from narcissism and I'm not aware," she wrote. "No she definitely looked at me, no studied me, and thought this man could save my life. This beautiful beautiful man."

Instead of then completely flipping out and losing her sh*t on this rude guy, Mazza simply smiled, dunked her fries into the gravy, finished chewing, and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear anything you said because all I could think about was how much food you have stuck in your teeth while you were talking."

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She then helpfully pulled out a toothpick -- stolen from a different chain restaurant -- and handed it over, telling him, "Use this and start again."

"Clearly my penis shrunk back into my body because all I could muster up was 'never mind' and then I sat down with my friend and we remained quiet for the rest of our eating. While she licked her fingers after every bite," she wrote from the dude's perspective. "I dunno, diary, maybe people don’t want unsolicited advice about fitness from douchebags? I just don't know..."

Although Mazza didn't say it to his face, she left an informative PS at the end of the diary entry of what she wishes this jerk knew. "I am pregnant AND fat, ya asshole, and that KFC was the best f*cking KFC I’ve eaten in months," she wrote. "You should also work on your legs, buddy, they're skinnier than my 3-year-old's."

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