Furious Mom Wants Answers After a Teacher Pierces Her Girl's Ears at School

Ear pierced
Amanda Jones/Facebook

A Pennsylvania mom mom was left enraged and confused when her little girl came home from school with newly pierced ears. According to Amanda Jones, a teacher at her daughter's school re-pierced her child's ears without her permission -- or earrings that even belonged to the child. Now this mom wants to ensure that nothing like this happens to another child. 

  • Seven-year-old Karli came home from her school in York, Pennsylvania, with newly pierced ears and bruising.

    "Seriously f*cking pissed right now," Jones wrote on Facebook. "My daughter went to school without pierced ears and came home with them pierced. The one side is bruised."

    Jones explained that her daughter previously had her ears pierced but let them close after a week when she was 3 years old. Since then, she would wear clip-on earrings on occasion but there was no mistaking that her holes had healed and were completely closed. "A teacher pushed earrings through my daughter's ears causing her pain and bruising. My daughter said ouch. My daughter does not know how to communicate the best but I do," she wrote. "She had dents where her ears were pierced but the holes have long since been closed."

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  • The teacher allegedly saw her "dents" from her healed piercings and found nothing wrong with trying to pierce them again.

    Jones confronted the teacher who admitted to puncturing the child's closed-up holes -- but she tried to make light of the situation. "She said Karli said they were pierced, which they were for a week when she was 3 years old. They have long since closed," Jones wrote on Facebook. 

    Apparently, the teacher didn't see this is a serious issue when Jones brought it up to administrators. "Her teacher Miss Zeamer kept saying stupid sh*t like she can go such and such time without having earrings in and put them in and the hole never closed," she wrote. "Stop making an excuse!! Trying to make me look like a stupid overreacting mother. I tried putting earrings in her ears and the holes were closed."

    If Karli had mentioned wanting to get her ears pierced again, her mom said she would've taken her, but Jones also clarified that Karli never brought it up. "The teacher had to have pushed the earrings through with force. Karli said ouch. Why would you continue, and why would you even put earrings in even if a kid said they wanted them without contacting a parent."

  • Karli was taken to the doctors and Jones tried to file a police report -- but was forced to go through the school.

    Jones went to York City officers but was allegedly told that school police have jurisdiction over this issue since it happened there. "I tried to make a police report with actual police but I have to apparently go through the school police. They have the earrings and my report. This is why I made it public so people can share and get the story out there and that maybe I can get the help we need," she wrote. "I am beyond pissed. I am getting her tested at her doctors tomorrow and getting the report copied and will be giving it to the school police. And the attorney."

  • Many can't believe that a teacher would touch a child -- let alone do this to a girl.

  • Or that local police told Jones she had to go through school police.

  • Some played devil's advocate for the teacher but her mom wasn't having it.

  • Others also pointed out that this could be a serious health concern.

  • Many can't wrap their minds around how a teacher could see nothing wrong with this.

  • After speaking to the school and authorities, Jones said the case is with the district attorney.

    "Teacher admitted. It is already with the DA. Waiting on proceedings," she wrote.

    York City School District did not immediately respond to CafeMom's request for comment.