A Kid Got Caught in a Claw Machine & the Internet Is Majorly Judging His Parents


Most parents are well aware of the ridiculous situations kids can get themselves into when unsupervised for even the smallest amount of time. Usually, you run off to the bathroom and come back to see that they've drawn on the walls or spilled colorful juice all over the couch. But one little boy got into something a little more extreme after he decided to climb inside of a claw machine. Now, the Internet is judging everyone involved.  

  • Macy Hollingsed took to Twitter to share a video of her little cousin stuck in a claw machine.

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    In a tweet that has since been deleted, she said, "Y'all. My cousin's kid climbed up the claw machine at our family Christmas and we had to call 911." 

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    The tweet contained a video showing a young boy, clearly terrified, trapped inside a traditional claw machine. Two women can be heard attempting to soothe him. "We've got to calm down, honey," one of them says. 

    The video is pretty short, and very little backstory was provided as to how the situation occurred, but people all over the Internet had something to say about the young boy and his family. 

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  • Some people immediately jumped in to comment on the boy's behavior.

    "That's what his little bad ass gets," one person wrote. 

  • As usual, more people were eager to blame the mother for the incident.

    While we have no idea if the boy's mother was even there or what circumstances may have caused her to leave him seemingly unattended long enough for him to climb inside of the machine, people blamed her automatically, even going so far as to suggest that child services be called. 

  • One person claimed the child wouldn't have done this if his parents had bought him more toys.

    Um, okay.

  • Luckily, not everyone wanted to point fingers.

    Some wanted to point out the hilarious ridiculousness of the entire situation. "Please tell me someone tied to grab his head with the claw," one Twitter user wrote. 

  • Others were a little conflicted.

    "It's too sad to be funny but it's also way too funny to be sad!" one said.

  • While this unnamed little boy's accident has taken the Internet by storm, it isn't the first of its kind.

    In 2014 alone there were at least two viral stories of children climbing into claw machines and getting stuck there. 

    According to SB Nation, the fire department has had to be called in almost every instance of this happening -- not necessarily because getting the kids out is impossible, but because most claw machines outside of amusement parks are owned and operated by third-party companies. Employees who work at bowling alleys, restaurants, and movie theaters where the machines are located don't usually have access to the keys they need to open them up. 

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    There haven't been any updates about the little boy in this video, but we can only hope that he's escaped being traumatized for life. Hopefully he got a free toy or two out of the whole ordeal as well. 

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