Why 1 Mom Doesn't Think 'Jokes' About Keeping the Kids Alive Are the Least Bit Funny

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Four Plus an Angel by Jessica Watson/Facebook

Being able to laugh at yourself and all the things that go wrong in your day is one way that many busy moms are able to stay sane. Having a good sense of humor helps to break the stress that comes with the impossible goal of trying to raise a perfect family while being Super Woman for your partner and kids. However, there's one common parenting joke that a grieving mom wants parents to think twice about before cracking -- the one about how no matter how crazy things got, at the end of the day at least the kids are still alive. 


Jessica Watson is a mom from Michigan, and she doesn't find the lighthearted memes about "just" keeping the kids alive funny. Although some chalk it up as a serious mom-win when they make it through the day with everyone still in one piece, Jessica wants people to realize how offensive this is to the parents who have lost a child. 

Four Plus an Angel by Jessica Watson/Facebook

"At the risk of sounding like an easily offended, overly sensitive Facebooker, I have a favor to ask: Could you think twice before sharing one of those 'funny' posts or memes about how at least you kept the kids alive today or all was fine because nobody died?" she wrote on her Facebook page, Four Plus an Angel by Jessica Watson.

Premature triplets
Four Plus an Angel by Jessica Watson/Facebook

Jessica is a mom of five children but lost one of her premature triplets who was fighting for her life in the NICU. Although Jessica welcomed a rainbow baby after Hadley's tragic death, this devoted mom is still grieving her baby girl's loss and takes offense to memes or jokes that insinuate she's a bad parent because of what she's been through. 

"I'm not sure if this applies to all loss moms, but for me those posts strike a nerve. My child isn't alive," she wrote. "Casually talking about parenting as successful because no one has died is a bit of a punch in the gut for those of us who watched on helplessly as our children died. Living, breathing children is not something to pat yourself on the back about, it's a gift some will never realize and something to be thankful down to your bones for."

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Four Plus an Angel by Jessica Watson/Facebook

Some moms who have been in this situation are applauding Jessica for sharing her perspective:

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However, not everyone agrees with her point of view:

No matter what your position is on the issue, hopefully Jessica's transparency made some think about a topic that they never realized could be offending those around them. 

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