Mom Slams the Teacher Who Told Her Girl to 'Hold in' Her Period

School bathroom

Navigating middle school and high school during the days you have your period can be tough for a young girl. As you're coping with the physical side effects that come with this monthly treat, you're also learning how to manage timing and listening to your body to avoid any potentially embarrassing accidents. At the same time, you wish that you were invisible and are paranoid that all of your classmates and teachers can tell that you're bleeding. One girl's classroom nightmare started to come true when her teacher knew that she had her period but still refused to let her go to the bathroom to avoid leaking.

  • According to the girl's mom, her daughter's school has a strict bathroom rule -- but that's not the problem.

    The anonymous mom shared on Mumsnet that she completely agrees with the school's policy not to allow bathroom trips during class because it can be so distracting and just an excuse for kids to goof off. However, what happened when her daughter asked for an exception because of her period is what has this mom fuming. 

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  • The 15-year-old was worried about leaking. Her male teacher advised her to "hold it in" until break.

    Mom explained that the students have lessons in blocks of two hours at a time and that her daughter didn't work up the nerve to ask to use the bathroom until she could feel that she really needed to change her pad. "She was getting quite worried about it leaking," her mom wrote. 

  • The teacher didn't just dismiss her request, but also proved what little understanding he has of female anatomy.

    "[Dear daughter] was pretty mortified and it would have been 100x more humiliating for if she had leaked in front of a class of 14/15 yo boys," she wrote. "If I do address this do you think it would be better to do so with him directly of someone else at the school?"

  • Many people were on the teacher's side, claiming that girls lie about their periods all the time.

    The mom is confident that her daughter isn't the kind of student who tries to get out of class (although she jokes that it if it was her other daughter, she wouldn't be so sure!) and is still shocked over how the teacher treated her daughter -- even if he doubted her. "Surely even men have some basic idea that it doesn't work like that?" she asked.

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  • Some were quick to point out that teen girls often feel entitled to use periods to their advantages.

  • One mom thinks that both she and her daughter are overreacting and jumping at the chance to complain.

  • Some women even doubted how heavy her flow could be that waiting would be an issue.

  • Others believe it's the student's fault for not being prepared and taking care of her pad before class.

  • But many others were quick to defend this girl and weren't afraid to let their outrage be known.

  • This woman was "raging" on their behalf -- and no, it had nothing to do with PMS.

    Others were also quick to call out those who don't believe the girl just because they don't have heavy periods themselves. "I'm genuinely shocked at the number of women on here who are assuming that those of us with ridiculously heavy periods are lying," user Cakeymccakington wrote.

  • Others think she should complain to anyone who will listen (or teach him basic anatomy).

    "OMG I can't believe someone can be so dismissive of this problem!" user AngelsWithSilverWings wrote. "Endometriosis is a horrible condition and yes it does cause awful flooding. (and excruciating pain)."

  • Another woman called it like she saw it.

  • The mom already thought he was a "sh*t teacher" and has decided to email him.

  • Hopefully, for his students' sakes, he's learned a valuable lesson.