Mom Shares Why She Refuses to 'Lie' to Her Boy About Santa & Sparks a Major Debate

Deciding when to spill the beans about Santa Claus to your kids is a big decision to make. Instead of debating whether to wait until they reach double digits to tell the kids that Father Christmas isn't real, some parents are wondering if they should teach their little ones about him at all. One mom has revealed why she's choosing not to have her child believe in Santa and is sparking a major debate in the process. 

  • Mumsnet user Herculesupatree broke the news that she wouldn't be introducing Santa to her son.

    In the public parenting forum, the mom stated that her reasoning behind this was that she didn't like the idea of "lying" to him. She explained that while she and her partner would still be getting the child Christmas gifts, they would not suggest that they were from Santa.

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    In addition to this reveal, the mom asked for a bit of advice on how to keep Santa from her child without having him think he's missed out on the Christmas experience, and how to prevent him from "ruining" Santa for children who do believe.

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  • Surprisingly, many moms admitted they had chosen to forgo Santa in their homes as well.

  • One stated that she didn't know how to properly discuss the topic with her child.

    "How do you explain that Father Christmas brings some children lots and others nothing?" she wrote. 

  • Another mom explained that her 3-year-old was totally "freaked out" by Santa.

    She also expressed that the decision to keep Santa out of Christmas celebrations was brought on by religious reasons that keep them from wanting to lie to their kids. 

  • Of course, not everyone was on the same page.

  • Some argued that taking away Santa makes Christmas less fun for kids.

    "I feel sorry for your child," someone wrote. "You will suck all the joy of fantasy and imagination out of his life. It's not lying, it's make-believe." 

  • One mom stressed that no child would be "traumatized" by the white lies parents tell about Santa.

    "I think believing in Santa is one of the sweetest and most innocent parts of childhood," she said. 

  • The suggestion that kids who don't have Santa in their lives miss out on a childhood experience troubled some people.

  • One mom said that plenty of non-Christmas-celebrating kids never believe in Santa and still manage to have happy, fulfilling childhoods.

    When it comes to "lying" to kids about Santa, psychologists suggest that it can affect kids negatively. Still, this has more to do with the dangers of lying to kids about something so large and for so long than it does the general concept of Santa Claus. 

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    At the end of the day, if Santa Claus makes you and your children happy, carrying on the myth for a while probably won't traumatize your kids. But if you're just not into it, it's more than possible for kids to have happy childhoods and a happy Christmas without believing that their gifts came off a magical sleigh. 

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