Mom Thought Her Baby Had a 'Simple Cold' -- Until This 1 Terrifying Symptom

Baby in the hospital
Beth Foster/Facebook

Every sniffle and sneeze can seem terrifying when you're a new parent, and many moms are often trying to strike the balance between not overreacting and also being their baby's biggest advocate. During the cold months, this can intensify as runny noses and coughs spread while parents try to shield their little ones from all of the flu-time germs. Beth Foster was one of these moms, but after her newborn had a "simple" cold, it quickly turned into a much more serious illness that she had no idea she needed to be worried about.


The mom from England explained that her 6-week-old was hospitalized after what she thought was a typical cough had ramped up into to something life-threatening at an alarming speed. "Parents with baby/small children, please be aware of bronchiolitis this winter, it's so easily missed and so bloody dangerous," she warned on Facebook. "It starts with just a simple cough and cold and can turn to so much more within hours."

According to Foster, she originally took baby Myah to the doctor for her cold and he gave her eye drops for a gunky eye. However, days later this mom noticed an alarming new symptom. "Myah was using muscles in her tummy to help her to breathe that she shouldn't even be using to breathe. I've never seen a baby's tummy pumping so fast fighting for the breaths, and I've never been so scared," she wrote. "She had a coughing fit and her face turned purple for around 15 seconds."

Baby in the hospital
Beth Foster/Facebook

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They were immediately seen at an after-hours urgent care facility and sent straight to the hospital. "When I arrived, they checked Myah's sats and three nurses ran off with her to immediately get her straight on oxygen. I was told they're surprised she didn't end up in an ambulance," she wrote. "We had no clue how serious this all was until that point."

Myah faced seven days in the hospital hooked up to oxygen and feeding tubes; she needed to be sedated at times just to get some sleep. "There is nothing more heartbreaking. Even if your baby has a slight cough or cold, just get checked out," Foster wrote. "Please spread awareness, as before all this, we didn't even know what bronchiolitis was."

Toddler and baby
Beth Foster/Facebook

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According to Mayo Clinic, the peak time for this lung infection in children and infants is during the winter months. It occurs when a virus causes inflammation of the lungs, and it starts out with symptoms similar to a common cold, but then it progresses into coughing, wheezing, or trouble breathing. The Mayo Clinic advises parents seek immediate medical attention if their little ones with a cold show any of these symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Audible wheezing sounds
  • Breathing very fast -- more than 60 breaths a minute (tachypnea) -- and shallowly
  • Labored breathing -- the ribs seem to suck inward when infant inhales
  • Sluggish or lethargic appearance
  • Refusal to drink enough, or breathing too fast to eat or drink
  • Skin turning blue, especially the lips and fingernails (cyanosis)

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