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  • Author and mom Glennon Doyle shared an awful experience her sister had at an OB/GYN's office.

    On Instagram, Glennon posted a screenshot of a lengthy text message in which her sister Amanda explained that she had been in the doctor's office for an annual exam when she noticed an advertisement for SculpSure in the waiting room. 

    Amanda felt that the company -- which specializes in cosmetic weight loss procedures -- had no place being advertised in a place where women go to receive medical help.

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  • In reaction, she decided to speak up about it.

    "Just made an announcement in front of a full waiting room saying I wasn't going to my appointment and demanding my medical records to take to a new practice because of how absurdly offensive (dangerous) it is to have prenatal and postpartum women being assailed with this lose-belly-fat-quick scheme at their freaking doctor's office," the text message read. 

    After having the chance to speak with one of the doctors in the practice, Amanda recalled his saying, "I've never thought of that. I'll take it down." Still, the woman found the answer completely unacceptable, stating that it was his job as a doctor to understand the ways the advertisements could be harmful to women. Because of this, she decided to leave. 

  • In her post, Glennon agreed wholeheartedly with her sister.

    She even went so far as to make a plea to the medical community to put the work in to keep doctors' offices free of anything that suggests cosmetic procedures to vulnerable women. "Remove the patriarchal poison from your offices and concentrate on decent health care," she wrote in her caption. 

  • Not everyone agreed that these types of advertisements in doctors' offices were harmful.

    "If the ladies don't want to be sculpted they don't have to," one person wrote in defense of them. 

  • But there were many more women who were just as disgusted with them.

    Some took it upon themselves to point out how painful it would have been to see things suggesting that they needed to change themselves after giving birth.

  • Others pointed out the larger societal issues surrounding the post-pregnancy pressure to "bounce back."

    "We are shamed into trying to drop the baby weight without acknowledging that this is a time of healing," said one mother.

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  • Many even called companies like SculpSure and the OB/GYNs who support them outright predatory.

    We're not shaming any mother for doing what she needs to in order to find self-confidence. But for the moms out there who are just looking to get through a normal visit to their OB/GYN without being made to feel bad about their bodies, these advertisements need to go. As Glennon says in her post, "Our bodies are not an industry for our economy to cash in on."

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