Mom Spells Out Why She Doesn't Want to Be Touched for Husbands Who Don't Get It

Laura Mazza
Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run

After a long, chaotic day, some moms just want to unwind. Although people have different ways of relaxing, many moms can agree that once they finally get the kids to sleep (and their bodies back to themselves), the last thing they want is more hands grabbing at them. This exhaustion-fueled rejection can leave many dads frustrated and confused, so one mom decided to spell out clearly for any husband who doesn't get it exactly why wives aren't always in the mood for "sexy time" just because the kiddos are finally in bed. 


Instead of ignoring the issue, Laura Mazza is breaking it down for her partner -- and all husbands who don't understand -- exactly why moms might have a headache or don't want to be touched in bed tonight. "Because she was touched excessively by young people who have seriously sticky fingers," she wrote on her Facebook page, Mum on the Run. "Even her eyeballs were touched today."

However, as many busy moms know, the list of possible reasons why goes on from there. "Because while she was thrilled to go and do a poo from her morning coffee, her children came in and tried to see what was in the toilet bowl and throw their toys down there," she wrote. "Because today she spent about an hour arguing with the toddler how she gave him the EXACT cup he asked for, and she never promised nor do they even own a Santa cup."
Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run/Facebook

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After an incredibly rough morning, most days don't get any easier. From being thrown up on after finally taking her first shower of the week to finding the paperwork she needed covered in scribbles, there is no break when you're a mom until you get that precious time at night. "Because she wiped snots with her sleeve and held a teething baby while rocking and humming a mixed version of fala Nina fala Nona and rock a bye baby because she can’t remember either. Her brain is fried," she wrote. "Because she woke up early and she worked today, and caught a train with a guy who smeared his armpit juice in her face... and her boss rode her ass, and not in the way you were hoping you would tonight."

When she finally makes it through the day and actually gets to crawl into bed, Laura needs her husband to understand all that she's just been through. "Because she had to scream in a pillow so she wouldn’t become scary Mummy. 1...2...3 breaaaathhheeeee," she wrote. "Because she finally had time to herself and tried to shave her legs and her hoohaaa but instead was interrupted by a toddler who wanted to come in the bath, who wanted to pee, who wanted to know where daddy was because daddy is better and I love daddy and not you..."

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Laura Mazza
Laura Mazza - Mum on the Run

To put it into perspective, Laura admits that even as she's taking the brief time to spell out this helpful info on behalf of tired wives for their husbands, there's currently a child crawling on her lap and refusing to go to bed. "All this sh*t causes headaches..." she wrote. "So her half shaved legs and chachki are going to bed and they’ll see you around 6/7am when she’s had a rest and ready to roar again... That is, of course, unless the children wake over night. Then you can assume tomorrow is a no too."

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