Mom Gets Surgeons to 'Operate' on Her Girl's Injured Elf on the Shelf & the Video Is Everything

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children/Facebook

The Elf on the Shelf may be used as a cute tool to keep kids from misbehaving during the Christmas season, but that doesn't mean plenty of little ones don't get attached to the red-cheeked little toys. After her daughter was particularly devastated when the family dog mauled her Elf on the Shelf, one creative mom staged a real-life doctor's visit for the toy

  • Orlando mom Jenn Thelen used her position as an ER nurse manager to do something incredibly creative when her daughter's elf, Sam, was hurt.

    After a bit of time in the family dog's mouth, the elf was left with his right arm ripped completely off. Seeing that her 6-year-old daughter, Aubrie, was devastated, Jenn decided to call on some of her coworkers for help.

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  • The wonderful doctors and nurses at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children came through beautifully.

    They went all out, staging an incredibly elaborate trip to the operating table for Sam. 

  • The team wheeled the elf in on a human-sized gurney and approached their task with an amazing amount of professionalism.

    "We've got an amputation of the right arm," said one of the nurses. "We've got a cut on the left arm, we've got an open tibia fracture, and we've got an abrasion on the left cheek." To which the diligent surgeon replied, "Okay, let's see what we can do, make some magic happen." But before she started, she made sure to put on a pair of "Magical Santa Gloves," just to be safe.

  • Jenn told Babble that the team helped put Sam back together using a needle and thread and some Christmas magic.

    The mom said she decided to document the surgery on video to make it more believable for her daughter. "We always talk about Christmas magic with our kids," Jenn told Babble. "Aubrie is a very analytical kid, so she wants to know details about everything. So, we explained that Christmas magic is a way that Santa and the elves are able to do things that maybe normally wouldn’t make sense."

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    Luckily, the video was more than enough to convince the little girl, leaving the newly refreshed elf to resume his duties in record time.