The Flushable Pregnancy Test Is Here & It's the Future

Flushable Pregnancy Test

For years women have been hiding their used pregnancy tests, tucking them discreetly under other garbage in the wastebasket, or wrapping them like a mummy before throwing them away. But what if you could get rid of your pregnancy test with a simple flush? That is the genius behind Lia, the first flushable pregnancy test, which is perfect not only for those who are trying to see if they're pregnant on the sly, but also for women who want to be more environmentally conscious -- as well as for those who are extreme germaphobes.


Lia made its debut this past Monday at a start-up competition called TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin, where it not only made a splash at the annual competition, but it also came in first place, beating out other start-ups. At TechCrunch, Lia's creators -- Bethany Edwards and Anna Simpson -- expressed their interest in updating the standard pregnancy stick, a tool that has been relatively unchanged in the past 30 years. 

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"It's been the same stick test since 1987, and that's kind of crazy," Edward explained to the crowd at TechCrunch."/Single-use diagnostics [pregnancy tests] are only used for a couple of minutes, and they're all made out of plastic and non-sustainable materials." More often than not, single-use pregnancy tests end up in landfills -- a problem that Edwards and Simpson couldn't ignore. 

Lia is made with a special natural paper (similar to that of toilet paper) and is used like a normal pregnancy stick, meaning you'll most likely still have to drink a glass of water to get your bladder full before testing it out. But unlike the old model, Lia has a wider collection area (so no missing and getting pee all over your hands), and the paper it's made from will disperse in water and biodegrade. No worries, though -- the paper has a special coating, which means your pregnancy test won't biodegrade before you get your results! 

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Flushable Pregnancy Test

Lia was recently FDA approved and will hit Amazon in mid-2018 with an expected price range of $9–$22. The company boasts a 99 percent accuracy rate and will still use the old system of "two lines means positive, one line means negative" that traditional tests employ. But the genius really lies in the power it gives a woman to share her pregnancy when SHE wants to, without gunking up the earth.

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